About the love of parents to children and on primary parenting

“it is Fair to impose on God’s hope for yourself and the children, but this does not preclude careful attention to how children to lead better, and duties vigilantly to supervise them. The love of parents to children must not operate independently but under the guidance of wisdom” . “the Father and mother do I need a feat to love her child? Baby whether one must learn to love your father and mother? If this love makes all nature, without the feat, and almost without the knowledge of man: where’s the dignity of virtue? This is just a natural feeling and in dumb primecell. Neljubljene parents or children have a deeply low defect; but the love of parents or children is not yet high virtue, except on special occasions, when it exalts United with her selflessness and sacrifice” . “Sensitive and loving heart ought to elevate from the love of natural to spiritual to it, plunging into family connection, not quite mired in one of the natural love” . And therefore, “believing the source of goodness in God and His blessing, or have received, and hope the good that we wish,” ought “to elevate and sanctify the works of nature with the spirit of grace, to celebrate the birth of children not only with joyful feelings, but with pious thoughts, to seek for them a happy future not only in favorable views of the earth, but in the Union of their earthly existence to heaven, to give names to children is not without parsing or shallow parsing pleasant or unpleasant sounds, and the like, but the thought of the pious ancestors, whose souls are able to to teach effectively the blessing of posterity, and even better with faith to the saints, whose prayers and blessings, no doubt, beneficial”.

“the Naming of names is not such an unimportant thing as people thought, who better remember the names, rather than know the entity and relationship objects. The primordial wisdom of the person tested and shown was naming names of every soul alive. In the naming of the names of patriarchs than once manifested the gift of clairvoyance and prophecy. God himself, when he is pleased to give Abraham a new, mnogozamechatelnih, hereditary blessing, as a pledge, as print, as a mysterious sign of this blessing, gave him a new name, and will not be called anyway, your name be Abram, but thy name Abraham: for a father of many languages put thee (Gen. 17: 5). The Holy Church, knowing that few are able to call names, bringing blessing, has established a wonderful tradition to borrow from the saints names, which by the grace of the saints always blagozhelateley and is able to bring blessing. But although particularly benefit the baby who is given the name of St. not only custom, but by the faith and love of the Holy” .

Parents should “be careful not crept neglect” to children in primary education. “Sebright on children if they experience belong to the nurse, the nurse, the Warder, the Warder, more than father and mother, and more than we need. Nature or, better, the Creator of nature one and the same person, the mother gives milk of the nurse and caring nanny. However, to divide these services are often, more or less, make the weakness of the mother, her other duties; but if this is done only on the propensity to carefree life, by thoughtless imitation of the examples of such carelessness, you ought to think of the good mother, to take away the mother suddenly two babies, and the baby’s nurse, and his own, and force your baby to drink from the breast of the nurse, may be left longing for her own child, instead he drank love from its mother’s breast? The mother who feeds and is in the hands of her baby, the father, who in moments of relaxation from his work also takes him up and teaches him the first names of what is sacred and kindly, and make a beautiful and important thing: they are enjoying themselves with practice, the child also enjoys; and at the same time, the love and kindness of a parent continually sown in the heart of a child the seeds of a child’s love and kindness, and an early and abundant sowing prepare multiple harvest” .

Source: The St. Philaret (Drozdov). Teaching about family life

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