Beware children’s cough!

There is nothing worse for parents than the child’s illness, regardless of age. It would seem that in the XXI century we live, and must not already qualify for the treatment and prevention of any infections, colds and other childhood troubles. But the doctors still can’t find a cure. Remains mothers strenuously to seek out the best means to alleviate the suffering of their kids with doctors and without.

What can the standing offer medicine? As stated by an American doctor Michael Marcus, some medications are dangerous to the health of the baby than the illness itself.

If your toddler, which is not yet two years, suddenly begins to cough, do not rush to carry out the counter medicines from pharmacies. At this age, only an experienced pediatrician may determine that you can drink and what not. Sometimes the attention, parental affection, and time, diluted with plenty of fluids (juices, milk, water), benefit. Because most modern medicines, syrups and tablets are not designed for very young patients.

Here you can indulge in only folk supplies – honey badger fat, rubbing. With the consent of the physician should try “Geelix” – syrup with expectorant and antispasmodic effect. Dose should be no more than 2-3 ml of fruit juice or warm tea (in small quantities). There is also a drop under this name, for babies can take about 25 drops per day. Means the good that is suitable for all ages with increasing doses and quantities of intake.

Even if the ill child has turned two years old, the drugs also need to choose wisely.

All probably associate childhood with tablets called “Pektussin”. Well, who at the tender age not picked up ARI? This tool can be found in pharmacies. Its taste has remained the same, the composition was added to the eucalyptus – the best cure for all colds. But not always the sick kid can be forced to “eat candy”, and not just to eat, and to hold to complete resorption.

Not to torture the child requests, you can simply “feed” him a pill called “Ambrohexal” and “Lasolvan”. In principle, it is the twin brothers, both in composition and action of the body. The tool almost immediately relieves hysterical cough and liquefy sputum. Many pills do not need: for a child five years of fairly halves of the pills for two or three days. In addition, if the child needs additional drugs, for example, antipyretic or droplets from the nose, in combination with the “Ambrohexal” or “Lasolvan” no adverse effects will be. BUT prescribed this remedy by a doctor. Not all ages perceive such treatment, and to get to the cough allergic Supplement of skin rash or urticaria is also not desirable.

Now the huge popularity of the famous “Doctor mom” with anti-inflammatory action. It really is very effective for all kinds of respiratory diseases until the internal chemical burns. Banned only in the case of Allergy, which is rare. Mostly moms can safely give it to kids without resorting to the advice of a doctor.

No worse than “Bromhexine”. But there are necessary conditions: fed child and a decent amount of liquid. Therefore, if a baby has problems with the kidneys, it is best to choose the “Doctor mom”.

This medications, which are known and many of which are not cheap. But for the information of parents will give one herbal remedy that is included in most medical drugs (including the number and “Mukaltin”) and nursing duties. Grass-saving child health, called marshmallow. In medicine often used marshmallow root powder, tinctures and syrups. He treats not only the respiratory tract but also many gastrointestinal, skin and inflammatory diseases. Infusion of the leaves marshmallow can gargle and juice cures in tuberculosis. For convenience in pharmacies you can find the extract as a dried root, and liquid that is more suitable to small children. And syrup altany even helps restore appetite after illness.

We are not a very popular German-based drug marshmallow “Paracodin”. Too many chemical additives in it, though, and a good remedy for coughs and sore throat. In addition, in infants after the use of “Paracodin” constipated.

According to the survey of Russian mom revealed that in the first place, “Dr. Mom” and “Tussah” (also syrup and drops). Further downward called “Pertussin”, “linkas”, “Tussin” and “Polidexa” (no children under the age of 2.5 years).

By the way, recently there was also a balm for rubbing “Tussamag”. Its advantage in the oil content of pine buds and eucalyptus and that makes for problems with feeding a baby.

Despite this abundance of medicines, in recent times, doctors are beginning to suspect that the effect of treatment with medicines and syrups is not due to high-quality funds, and child psychology. Self-hypnosis, called in science “placebo”, a very effective two-six-year-old coughing creatures.

Yet not in vain, probably, our ancestors turned to nature – herbs, the bark of trees and flowers – for my health. Current pharmacists are more inclined towards natural medicine, especially when treating children.

At this time, found some really dangerous substances in the composition of children’s medicines, but it has been removed from production. These include clobutinol, which causes heart rhythm disorders. Also when purchasing the drug, pay attention to strange names, the origin of which can be ascertained from the physician or pharmacist. Does not interfere to stop and on the production date of the medication, the appearance of the packaging and the quality certificate.

In conclusion, I want to announce the good news for parents and especially for children: London recently, scientists have found a new substance that inhibits coughing. And found him not just anywhere, but in… chocolate and cocoa. Preliminary tests have been conducted. Left to wait in pharmacies of large boxes of candy, which will be not only useful, but also enjoyable (rather delicious) everyone, without exception, kiddies.

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