Blood in stool in women during pregnancy and after childbirth

Problems with the intestines and the rectum is quite intimate, because you don’t want to immediately go to the doctor and complain of constipation, diarrhea or other difficulties during defecation. However, when it takes other momentum: you experience severe pain, stool unnatural colors or even see blood after a bowel movement — there is no place for jokes. These symptoms can signal serious health problems and even be a reason for surgical intervention. Therefore, it is essential to consult a specialist and to clarify the reasons for the deviation.

One should clearly distinguish between just blood in the stool and blood in stool after pregnancy and childbirth in women. If the first case can be due to various causes (diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cracked after anal sex, irritation hemorrhoids), parous women this symptom is definitely linked to stress during pregnancy and childbirth.

Why does the feces with blood after pregnancy and childbirth

While carrying a child the woman becomes more susceptible to various ailments. This contributes to the weakening of its own immunity, constant hormonal changes, excess weight, and genetic predisposition. During pregnancy particularly affected vessels who have to work several times harder to supply blood to all organs and systems. If blood vessels are weak, then there is varicose veins.

Hemorrhoids — varicose veins, the veins are not located on the feet, and in the anus. This unpleasant disease is often accompanied by blood during bowel movements, often there is constipation. Most often it is not associated with the number dialed during pregnancy pounds and is more dependent on the predisposition of women to varicose veins. Odds of getting hemorrhoids increase, if the expectant mother is working in a standing position (hairdresser, a nurse, a shop assistant). In the last months of pregnancy swollen uterus compresses all the abdominal organs, including the intestines. This has a detrimental effect on weakened venous walls.

During childbirth, the body experiences a tremendous stress, and bearing-down stage of the business under pressure to the lower intestine is many times greater than any constipation. At this point, almost all women suffer from the rectum, may some time to go stool with blood. As a General rule. After birth it’s all over, but some develops into hemorrhoids. It is necessary to begin to heal almost immediately after birth, necessarily coordinating their actions with the doctor. It often happens that some drugs are contraindicated for nursing mothers.

What to do with the blood in stool after birth?

If you have had problems with defecation or observed constipation, loose stools, even before birth, then after them we must carefully observe what is happening in the body changes. Is there still constipated? Is stool with blood? What color is the blood, and what is its volume in the stool (inclusion, thread, liquid red blood)?

It is important to know what color blood comes. If it is a bright scarlet, then most likely, along with hemorrhoids you anal fissures are present. But if the stool with dark blood, it was probably damaged itself hemorrhoid. Even the doctors it was the blood in these cases is the most important indicator for diagnosis.

To restore damaged after birth the intestine, remove constipation and forget about the bloody stool, you can use some folk remedies.

First, it is important to ensure softness and good patency of stool. To do this is to eat a variety of vegetable oils and foods rich in fiber (dried apricots, raisins, nuts, fresh vegetables). Can be connected to this light laxative preparations, they quickly and effectively will make the stool more liquid. Such a simple treatment constipation should go away.

You can lubricate these vegetable oils and anus — this will help healing of microcracks and make the intestinal wall more elastic. To relieve pain recommended special anesthetic candles, which are sold in pharmacies (Asleson). They allowed for breastfeeding mothers, can stop the bleeding.

Bad to help suppository type Gepatrombina. Some doctors even recommend to smear the anus ointments that advertise from varicose veins in the legs (e.g., caffeine).

If the woman is constipated, a good idea to do self-massage of the abdomen in a clockwise direction. When Kale with blood, it is important to calm down the blood vessels so that the blood to remove. It is useful to use a very soft toilet paper, wash with very cold water. This stops the blood.

Unfortunately, stool with blood and constipation in women who recently gave birth — not uncommon. In order to secure yourself from such effects, one should be concerned about their health. While planning pregnancy or after it has started is access to the pool, to do simple physical exercises, smear limbs (and anus, if you have the tendency to varicose veins) special ointments that improve vascular tone.

Stool with blood don’t bother the woman, if at the first sign of hemorrhoids to take his medication. Constipation prevents the consumption of a varied balanced meal, as well as preventive cancer herbal remedies that stimulate the bowels.

Naturally, it is better not to self-medicate and consult a doctor. Because not in all cases you can stop the bleeding with the help of folk recipes of my grandmother. Sometimes you need the stronger medication. If postpartum hemorrhoids interfere too much with normal life of women and constantly progressing, you may offer the option of removing it surgically.

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