Cheat sheet For Parents

Parenting — focused activities, designed to develop in children a complete system of personality traits, attitudes, and beliefs. In the proposed books You najdete a lot of advice on education and teaching of their children.

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1. Adler – outsmart the kid

2. Alesani, Streltsova – Nine months and all jizni birth of the new Millennium

3. Andreev – a Frank conversation, or conversations about life with my son is a senior at the limit of possibilities

4. Achilov, Ivanova – Harmony with detstva how to give your child a beautiful figure

5. Afonin – Healthy and happy child. Let the duckling will become a Swan!

6. Bayard – Your troubled teen. A practical guide for desperate parents

7. Balyko – NLP for parents. 11 laws effective education of the adolescent

8. Barkan – Bad habits of good children

9. Bauer – Life without diapers

10. Bashkirov – First aid for children. Guide for the whole family

11. Bashkirov is Planned rebenka everything you need to know young parents

12. Belova, Ohanyan is the path to the child’s health

13. Berdnikova – Pregnancy – week by week

14. Bernard – 100 simple ways to put a child to sleep

15. This, Bishop Bertin – Education in the womb, or a story of missed opportunities

16. Biddulph – the Secret of happy parents. fb2

17. Bitterlich Your child from birth to 6 years. Identification of developmental disorders and their correction

18. Bogachkina, Sirenko – Shy kid

19. Boyko – the Best mobile and puzzle games for children from 5 to 10 years

20. Boyko – the Best moving and logic games for kids from 3 to 6 years

21. Borba – No bad behaviour

22. Brett – there Lived a girl like you

23. Weschler – awaited baby

24. Wilson, Grills – Find out the IQ of your child

25. Vinnikov, Titova, Frolova – Play with the child. CAC the Development of perception, memory, thinking

26. Garmaev – Moral psychology and pedagogy

27. Harrison – Happy child

28. Simultaneously to Communicate with the child. As

29. Simultaneously we Continue to communicate with the child. So

30. Gippenreiter – Roditelam how to be a kid

31. Golubeva, Prilepin – Wellness massage at home usloviyah a Handbook for parents

32. Golutvina, How to overcome children’s fears

33. Greene – the Explosive child

34. Dick-reed – Birth without fear

35. Dougan, Minibaev – Nurture your child a millionaire

36. Doman – How to teach your child to read or a quiet, gentle revolution

37. Dubiahin, Bogacheva – survival School, or 56 ways to protect your child from crime

38. Uncle – cookbook nursing mothers

39. Yemel’yanov, Sobolev – Solve school problems. Tips neuropsychologist

40. Yemel’yanov, Sobolev – School overload. How to help your child

41. Eremeeva, Mitroshenkov – Mother and child. Pocket encyclopedia of a young mother

42. Zheleznova, Guryanova – Birth in joy

43. Ibuka – After three late

44. Ivanova – Your baby. Child care from birth to one year

45. Isaev – Three ages of sexuality

46. Kunovska – 1,000 riddles about everything

47. Quals – the Joy of parenting. How to bring up children without punishment

48. Kiphart – As your child develops

49. Kireeva – Revelations of a mother about childbirth, and not only about them

50. Kitaev, Trunov – Ecology of infancy. The first year

51. Claflin – the family doctor for kids (Tips American doctors)

52. Komarovsky – child Health and common sense of his relatives

53. Komarovsky – Start your child’s life

54. Komarovsky – Disposable podguzniki popular user manual

55. Komarovsky – I don’t want to eat

56. Korczak – How to love a child

57. Korczak – When I’m small

58. Korczak – rules of life

59. Krukover – raising a teenager

60. Campbell – How to love your teenager

61. Campbell How to really love your child

62. Campbell – How to handle anger child

63. Le Shang – When your child drives you crazy

64. Liedloff – How to raise a happy child

65. Lemesh – Chat with a teenager. As

66. Lesgaft – Family education of the child and its value

67. Lieberman, Feldsher – 400 ways to keep the child from 2 to 8 years

68. Lugovskaya – If your toddler is closed

69. Lugovskaya – If the kid is afraid

70. Lugovskaya – If the baby is cranky

71. Lugovskaya – If the kid doesn’t get along with a brother or sister

72. Lugovskaya – If a baby is crying for no reason

73. Lugovskaya – If your baby is not eating

74. Lugovskaya – If the baby is difficult to make friends

75. Lugovskaya is Why dad left

76. Lugovskaya, Kravtsova, Scheinin – Child! Keys for parents

77. Lupan Believe in the child

78. Makarova – In the beginning was the childhood

79. Makarova – Notes pedagogy Osvoboditel elephant!

80. Makarova – Summer on the roof

81. Malysheva – We want a baby. 100% pregnancy!

82. Mal’hanova School for troubled roditeley Everyone can become a teacher

83. Mach – what to say to rebenkom survival guide for the modern Russian parents

84. Melodic – Book for imperfect parents, or Life on a free theme

85. Molchanov is Our first mesac step-by-Step instructions on how to care for a newborn

86. Murashova – Your confusing the child

87. Nekrasov – Stop to bring up children _ help them grow

88. Nekrasov – You grow and we will help!

89. Nikitin, Nikitin – We and our children

90. Nikitin, Nikitin – the Reserves of the health of our children

91. Nikitin – Water and childbirth

92. Nikitin – Mom and a kindergarten

93. Nikitin – We and our parents

94. Auden – Caesarean section. Safe exit or the threat of future

95. Pavlova – We are growing! All about child development

96. Patzlaff – dead eyes

97. Perelshteyn – Ostorozhno children! Or a manual for parents, capable of wonder

98. Piglatin – encyclopedia of children’s holidays

99. Pichart – Tips for parents (a Guide for single parents)

100. Prozorov – How to save a child from a cult

101. Putniņš – Where do babies come from

102. Savko – Vaccination. All parents should know

103. Svir – 76 recipes proper communication with your child

104. Sergeev – Everything you need to know for the future mother. Preparing for the birth of the baby

105. Seagal is playing the Child – from birth to one year

106. Sears – In anticipation of the baby

107. Sears – Your child. All you need to know about your baby from birth to two years

108. Sears is getting ready to leave

109. Sears – breastfeeding

110. Solano – Osteopathy for babies

111. Soloveichik – Teaching with enthusiasm

112. Spock – Child and care for him

113. Starkova – Motherhood

114. Starkova – Six in the house, not counting the dog

115. Stepanov – Big world small children

116. Stepanov – Children’s world. The advice of psychologist parents

117. Surzhenko – Education without screaming and tantrums. Simple solutions to complex problems

118. Surzhenko – How to grow a Personality. Education without screaming and tantrums

119. Tvorogova – On parenting. Notes mother

120. Timofeeva – Conversations children’s doctor

121. Fadeeva – the Most important Russian book mom. Pregnancy. Childbirth. The first years

122. Frolov – School. 500 desperate revelations

123. Janaseva – How to raise a child

124. Chomentowski – Family through the eyes of a child

125. Khorsand – If a child is left-handed

126. Khristolubova – to Preserve the health of the child. As

127. Tsargrad – Baby from conception to one year

128. Tsvetkova – We are expecting a baby. A book for expectant parents

129. Casnova – Give Birth! Notes crazy moms

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