Child and music

Music is an integral part of our lives. For centuries the mother sang a lullaby to the child, etc. Usually parents want their children listened to music, played it, but on the other hand, it is a natural desire begets in them a number of doubts. They are confident that their child will be able, for example, to learn to sing that he has musical talent. Music should be an integral part of human existence, including the life of a child. But on the way to this goal, there are certain difficulties: requires the presence of talent or at least the propensity for music, and a child should learn to enjoy music.

Interestingly, sometimes the child gets more pleasure from playing music of their peers than older professionals. The pleasure derived from music is perceived not only aurally and emotionally, but also muscular.

Currently there are many ways to practice music and to get pleasure from listening to it that don’t require much money or much time.

The child responds to music and he makes musical sounds. He makes rhythmic movements to the beat of the sounds of a refrigerator or a washing machine. Young children often free to experiment with sound, as with everything else that they can see, taste and touch. They do not need to be taught to respond to a combination of rhythm and pitch of the sound that we call music — they do it quite naturally. But they must be given the opportunity of free experimentation in this area.

At any age the child likes to play music with others . He listens to the melody played to his mother, and this calming effect on him, at first he didn’t even need to understand the meaning of words. If someone sings or plays, reacts with body movements and hand clapping.

Many six and seven year old children are keen to participate in the adult serious music using your baby tools. Very much welcomed this initiative, however onerous it might be. It is important to note that for child care, how it retrieves the sound: with the help of a real musical instrument or improvised, for example, structures made of wood and metal. Such experiments should not be seen as a mockery of the music, even if it’s a cacophony.

Children from a very young age are capable of musical expression. For the musical development of children is very important to parents in the family participated in the child process execution ringtones — free improvisation with “found” sounds, or on authentic musical instruments.

In addition to moral support, children also need some guidance and supervision from parents . Children should be accustomed to studying scales, was stunned family and neighbors annoying noise at any time of the day or night. Music is a social and individual point in time, so the child must begin to think about others when playing music.

In order that the person could get real pleasure from any kind of art, including music, it is necessary to develop inclinations in this area. So you need a fine, intelligent pedagogical approach. First of all, we need to develop musical ability in the child, regardless of whether he has musical talent or not. And very importantly, to do it in a timely manner, not looking ahead.

The willingness of the child to participate in musical activity is purely personal. However, there are two periods when children have a particular interest in playing a musical instrument . these are the years between eight and ten and the age of majority. In the first period, this interest may be strong, but not necessarily long. This is the perfect time to check opportunities for child to play on them favorites musical instrument. In many schools children are provided with self-selected musical instrument, which can be dictated by subjective motives (personal preferences) and the explanation of a practical nature, such as the necessity of mastering this type of instrument for playing any musical group, etc.

For the last time, the piano has lost its dominant role among the musical instruments when teaching children . Its advantage is that it does not present significant difficulties in early learning and children aged six to seven years usually do well with their homework. But it is a tool for a single execution. If the child is not in a condition good enough to play music as a sideman or play in a musical ensemble, it is more likely that for eight or nine or ten, he will switch to another tool, which will give him the opportunity of social interaction.

Do not be upset if the child has made some progress in music at the age of eight to ten years, then suddenly interrupt their studies for a period of time. Laid a certain Foundation, which he needed for the time when he will want to return again to the music.

Often adolescents generally throw music classes and Express genuine interest only to jazz or pop music. Parents who hold conservative views, should exercise tact in this respect, and to regulate the execution in the family of classical and jazz music.

Adults need to monitor the system of music studies of the child. At the age of six to nine years more useful than two or more shorter sessions per week, rather than one long period, the child should not be forced to do over and over. The older children should be accustomed to more or less long period of constant training and monitor them. In all cases, the child is very important encourage parents.

Music created for all, talent is not the determining factor . But the game on any instrument requires certain skills, to identify currently established systems tests.

For the musical development of children is crucial atmosphere in the family. There are two possible options with their resulting consequences: parents are too well prepared musically and prefer serious performance, or parents have no musical education and experience extreme uncertainty and fear. They mistakenly believe that this art exists for professionals. When learning music is better not to start with Bach or Beethoven, but we can begin with the singing, even if there is no special voice and hearing.

When playing music at home, you can find not only ready, but also improvised tools, which is extracted sounds interesting. In each subject there is a unique tone color. You can, for example, use three cups of water, poured to a different level, which would correspond to different notes.

Currently growing home libraries containing books and musical recordings. It should be borne in mind that the kids get more enjoyment out of rhythm and melodies and compositions for multiple instruments than from the whole orchestra.

It is very important for children to have the opportunity to move to the music.

In addition to the musical development of the child in the family, the program necessarily includes music classes in school, streaming music via radio and television, music footage. It is very important to visit concerts, performances, etc.

Music exists for all.

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