Children are a reflection of their parents.

In our days there are many social problems: at-risk students, orphans, alcoholism all age categories of the population, drug addiction, dependency on tobacco, crime, violence, etc. I decided to take the social problem from which all other problems in society. This is the problem of improper training, unfavorable climate in the family.

Really, what is the probability that in a family where neither mother nor father doesn’t drink, raise a man who in the future will suffer from alcoholism? Or what is the probability that in a family with a favorable climate, full of mutual understanding, respect, equality, warm it a difficult child, prone to various kinds of offences?

By choosing this theme, I decided to find out how true to the theory that children repeat the behavior of their parents, build their relationships within the family, as did their parents, are strongly influenced by the upbringing in the family for future life of man, and what can cause error parents.

The child learns

He sees himself in the house.

Parents are the example of him!

Who when wife and kids are rude,

Whom the language of debauchery telegram,

Let remember that with interest will receive

From them we teach them.

Not a wolf raised sheep,

Gait cancer gave father!

If you see us and hear the children

We are for their deeds in the response

And for the words: it is easy to push

Kids on a bad path.

Keep decency in your home,

In order not to repent later.

The importance of proper education

The family is the cradle of the spiritual birth of a person. The variety of relations between its members, nudity, ingenuousness which they feed to each other, the abundance of various forms of manifestation of these feelings, live reaction to the smallest details of conduct – all this creates a favorable environment for emotional identity formation.

The family is the first stable team in the life of a little person. In the process of identity formation family plays the main role. It is in the family, before school, formed the main traits of the child, his habits.

Often as early as kindergarten, is necessary to meet the aggression of boys relative to girls. It is believed that if a boy is lifted up, beats the girl, it means he likes her. But why not make her some nice little gift? For example, to give a flower. Thinking over this situation, we can assume that the family of this boy’s father is at his cruelty to his mother. He knows that dad loves mom, but also sees how the father raises a hand on her. The child has the impression, that if you love a person, you need to beat him, show him aggression, rigidity. The child is 6-7 years old spends his time at home and in kindergarten, so the patterns of behavior it might learn from their parents, to follow their example.

When the child goes to school, he gets into an environment, where all children from different families, with different upbringing, different understanding of the world and how to Express themselves in a society with different moral values, ethical beliefs, with different manners, etc. Often the child hears the mother of his peers, and cannot understand this, because for him it wildly, for his family not swear and use obscene speech is considered immoral for him. Therefore, the child does not understand why his classmates swear, because it’s wrong. But the children use in their speech the mats, probably brought up in a family where swearing is in order. Therefore, the child does not understand that it is bad. Even if his parents blamed for mats, but they are doing it, thereby setting an example to the child. He thinks that if mom and dad do, then there is nothing wrong, just too soon for me, I’m small, so I can’t, and they are adults. But in school, parents do not see him, so he can show his classmates how adult he can be. To demonstrate how adults behave.

The relationship of family and school are important as the first years of the child’s stay in the school and in older age. The school can assist parents in dealing with many issues of raising children, but she will never be able to compete with the family. It is the family is the most powerful tool in shaping the child’s personality. Life and science has proved that all the troubles in children then in adults, are explained by the errors of family education, the most important of which is the absence of love and inability to praise and support their children. The most important thing for a child to be loved as he is.

Unreasonable parental love

Great teacher, V. A. Sukhomlinsky said: “where There is no wisdom in parenting, love mother and father disfigures their children”. There are many varieties of this ugly love. Here are some of them: love emotion, love and despotic love of repurchase.

Love emotion – that’s the saddest thing you can imagine in the relationship of parents and children. It’s instinctive, irrational, sometimes naive love. What it may lead? A child brought up in an atmosphere of emotion, does not know that in the human society there are concepts, “may”, “should not”, “should”. The child feels that he can do anything. He does not know its debt to parents, can not and will not work, because he does not see people and not feel your heart, that those who surrounds him, have their desires, their needs, their spiritual world. He formed a firm belief that it brings happiness and joy to parents and others that he simply lives in the world.

The second kind of unreasonable parental love – oppressive love. This form is one of the reasons that the child is being perverted idea of a good beginning in a man, he ceases to believe in people and in humanity. In an atmosphere of despotic tyranny, NIT-picking, constant reproaches little man can be fierce. All this happens because of the inability of parents to use their power. Parent power must not suppress the will of the child, but to encourage, to inspire his inner strength, his desire to be good. Respect children’s desire to be good and remember that your son or daughter are the same person, like you, protesting his soul, when someone tries to make him a toy of his tyranny.

A third type of unreasonable parental love – the love of the repurchase. Parents in such families believe that their duty is only to ensure that all material needs of children. This look at parenting as something completely separate that is separated by a fence from public duties. If in such a family, neither parent will pay sufficient attention to children, they are surrounded by the atmosphere of spiritual emptiness, misery. They live among the people and didn’t know the people, their hearts are completely unfamiliar feelings such as affection, compassion, mercy.

With the help of parents the child is constantly lays the idea of what a family should be, her life, the relationships between family members. Often the family in which he grew up the child, becomes the model of his future family.

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