Children’s room: tips for parents.

With the advent of your child’s life there comes a happy time of joys and concerns. What would be to see the world baby depends on its parents. And it’s not just in education, but in an environment where the child lives and grows. To make a child’s room should be treated with special attention. In this simple case it is necessary to consider not only your taste and the interior of the whole house, but also some features that sometimes play a decisive role in whether your baby cozy and comfy in his room.

In the nursery it is necessary to care not only about the fact that it was all necessary and appropriate to the child’s age, but that it was well lit by daylight and intensively ventilated.

All your child has to match his height and age, so it unaided could sit on a chair to retrieve a toy, remove and hang your towel and clothes.

But items such as a lamp, a switch, a carafe or a pitcher of water, should be placed so that the child has not yet learned to use these items, it was impossible to get them.

Arranging the baby’s room, make sure that everything that surrounds your children, was not only sturdy, clean and hygienic, but also beautiful. All children love pictures, flowers, bright, cheerful colors. Therefore, when choosing Wallpaper, upholstery for furniture, accessories, try to keep it all matched and taste of children. A table with drawers for pencils, paints, low shelf for toys and books are also needed in the children’s corner.

Baby will love the special wall Board for drawing with pencils and markers, washable drawings and paint in a new way! Children enjoy using this new product and not trying to paint the walls, ruin the Wallpaper. This Board will be able to use and primary school children: they will be able to write on it in school.

Bathroom student should include a place to work on homework, to store textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies. Desktop student should be such that it is convenient to write, to lay out a notebook, a book, school equipment. It is best to use an ordinary writing Desk with two drawers and a simple hard stool. The height of tables and chairs should match the growth of the child.

For kids easy to use folding table, which is the Board, hinged to a narrow wooden plank, horizontally nailed to the wall. The Board relies on the mounting bracket, hinged to a vertical bar, also nailed to the wall perpendicular to the first, but below it. Table well be painted with oil or enamel paint in the color of the walls, so it was less noticeable when it down. As the child grows, the table can be attached above, and thus, it can serve more than one year. Natural and artificial light should fall on the table on the left.

Desktops can be installed parallel to the window, in the corner or along the wall. It is worth noting that, sitting facing the wall, schoolboy fewer distractions. Above the tables and on the walls are often strengthened shelves for books, access to which should be free.

Table for games and activities should be rectangular, because, doing the round table, the children pressed chest to the top of the table, and painting and sculpting elbows they are at a weight that is tedious and prevents the development of the right skills.


To practice children may need scissors, a needle, a penknife. These things should not be left in the children’s corner. Adults need to give them when necessary, and to monitor how children use them. The student himself must remove your table, to make sure that it’s heaps of unnecessary items. Notebooks, books and other supplies should be stored in a designated place for them (in the drawers, on the shelf, in the cupboard.

Typical for children of primary school age is the desire to make something. You need to give the student paper, cardboard, plates, scraps of cloth, thread, glue and other trifles, of which the little master may have something to do. All this should be stored in a closed drawer or a closed shelf. For children 8-10 years it is advisable to purchase a school set of joiner’s tools. For carpentry you can use an ordinary stool.

The cage with the birds, or perhaps a small aquarium with colorful fish enliven children’s corner. Well, if early childhood children to be accustomed to take care of Pets, to care for flowers, keep toys and books.

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