Developmental activities for children 2-3 years

It is no secret that today’s children start early to watch TV and sit at the computer. Parents handy, like and busy toddler. Watching cartoons, TV shows, playing computer games. Children little walk and read books. And as a result it is poorly developed, small vocabulary of words, in the future, a wrong pronunciation of sounds.

Kids in 2-3 years, get tired quickly, they are distractible, he can’t seem to concentrate on one subject, so the lessons should be short with a change of activity.

There are many interesting activities that you can carry out at home for the benefit of the child. So, let’s start!

Develop imagination.

What can be done with cotton balls?

-Make several small balls one big ball.

-Recalculate them.

-To keep them on different body parts – head, shoulder or nose.

To walk, holding the balls between the toes.

-Putting them on the table, to try to blow away.

Learning colors.

Choose any color, such as red, and fold in the capacity of a few things that color. Name the color of the toy when you tell you this or that thing. For example: “Give me the red ball”.

If a child hands you a red car, say, “Thank you very much for the red machine, so let’s look for the red ball. And here he is.”

When children learn to recognize one color, then put in a container of objects of two colors. And keep playing.

This game allows the child to learn how to recognize colors.

Learn to recognize the sounds.

Help your child to learn to recognize the sounds that surround it. Listen to the clock ticking, try to imitate them. Go around the apartment and listen to different sounds. Yourself can become their source is open, close the door, knock together a wooden spoon, pour in a glass of water. Play with your child in the game: “What sound can you hear that?”.

In this game you can play before bedtime. During sleep can interfere with different sounds. Help your child get used to them. Birds, sirens, the noise of aircraft, cars, etc. Maybe this game will help you get to sleep.

Help me, please.

There are many household chores, which a kid can participate in.

To help you in the kitchen, collect spoons, while developing agility and dexterity of the fingers.

Put one pan in one direction and to close them suitable in size lids. To wash the table. Peel, banana, or put napkins around Cutlery. To deploy a pack of margarine, etc. what would help the child, be sure to ask “please Help me”.

While you’re cooking dinner, give your child different jars and lids. Let selects suitable and twists them on the jars.

Massage. Hilarious entertainment.

Rails, rails

(slide your finger on the back, as if drawing rails)

Sleepers, sleepers

(swipe your finger as if drawing a horizontal ties)

The train is late

(to hold the Cam on the back of the baby, or shake the child if he sits on your lap)

Then out of the rear window suddenly showered with polka dots.

(easy to tap his fingers on the back)

Came duck — ate, ate

(tap three fingers on the back)

Come the geese — pinched, pinched

(PowerLite the baby’s back)

Came the elephant – trampled, trampled

(knock gently Cams on the back)

Came the janitor swept it up, swept it up.

(Pat your baby’s back).

Learn to distinguish shapes.

Walk around the apartment and look for just one form. You can also open the log and search there, such as circles. In this game you can play anywhere. Kids from such a game come to indescribable delight.

The development of coordination. Finger gymnastics.

The benefit of this sort of exercise is undeniable. Making massage the hands and fingers, we stimulate the function of internal organs and nervous system of the baby. Mother’s touch, gentle caressing, a smile, a soft friendly voice bring kids great happiness, there is emotional attachment. The mood of the child rises, he realizes mommy (daddy) loves him. Neither the TV nor listen to the audio recordings will not be possible to establish close emotional bond between the child and her parents. In addition, finger gymnastics develops coordination.

The index finger of one hand in turn touch the other fingers. Start with the pinky.

This little kitten has lost her sweater.

This little kitten warm lost a sock.

This little kitty is freezing in the cold and frost.

This little kitten was freezing his nose.

This little kitty is sick: “APCI”, “Sneezy”.

“I’ll sit at home and tie your socks”.

(Hide thumb in fist).

Encourage your child to repeat after you the same steps.

Remember Russian folk nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes:

Left fingers to walk!

This finger – mushroom found

This finger was cleaning the table,

This cut,

This ate

Well, this is just looking!

Forty –crow cooked porridge…

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake where have you been? My grandmother…

Another fun activity that develops coordination of movements.

Take the rope and put it on the floor. Take the child by the hand and walk with him along the river, singing at the same time this poem:

Go with you on a thread, the thread

Go with you on a thread

Choosing a time to play with the child, you are making the gift not only to him, you make a gift to yourself. Let them live in your house of LOVE, WARMTH and HAPPINESS!

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