Haircut young children

In the first months of a child’s life of course, you still think about the style of his hair. And with the first hair first no special problems. These cute infant curls grow on the head only once and, if they shear off, never to return. So enjoy them while you still can.

However, inevitably there comes a time when the bangs already gets into the eyes, and the tips of the strands too much confused because of its great length. Well, that means it’s time for the first haircut. Whether you need just keep the kid in the Barber shop? I think not. Drawing from this Chapter are some helpful tips and learn the simple techniques, you will be able to cut a baby alone.

Miscellaneous children’s first haircut is needed at different ages. Some are born with lots of hair, some — entirely without them. You always notice that the time came to bring the head of a son or daughter in order. In my experience, most often it becomes necessary in about one year. Of course, in this age the baby is not yet able to fully understand what you’re going to do with his hair. However, children are capable of understanding much more than you think, so a good idea to at least try to prepare your child for this new event.

Before you put your child for a haircut, try to explain to him what you want from him . Tell us how this will happen. Let this conversation looks funny and pointless, totally useless is not one of them. In the end, you are constantly talking with your Pets, but they understand less than one-year old child. For example, you can read some children’s book on the subject of cutting the hair.

Try to turn a haircut into a special and exciting event. Create the child the feeling like it’s something very nice for him. Some such tactics will not work, but if the child responds positively, immediately proceed to the haircut. During manipulation of hair try to always keep the interest of the baby and not hurt him. It’s worth the reward, if he behaves well.

If your child is afraid of scissors and does not agree to a haircut, you have to act stealthily. Distract his attention and trim while swimming or games. Try to he just didn’t see the scissors in his hands. If the baby still noticed that you cut it a couple of strands, say to him: “Well, look, you did not even feel it!”. Continue to convince him that haircut is a very nice and interesting. In this case, if you don’t succeed, put the case for a few weeks or months. However, you still able to trim it during sleep (even just the bangs).

Daily brushing with a hair of your son or daughter will teach him or her not to tire of doing this. Healthy habits are best secured at an early age. The older the child, the harder it is to teach him to regularly monitor their appearance. Boy or girl up to three years may well want to comb your hair by yourself. Never too late to teach your child these things.

And the last tip: do not make a young child complete and sophisticated haircut. Your main goal — to make a neat head. This is usually achieved by simply trimming some too sticking to the sides of the strands. For example, if the bangs already interferes with the baby, and the rest of the hair look good and don’t cause problems, only a Bang trim.

1. First moisten the hair. Then comb them down where there are going to cut, and hold one of the strands of hair between your index and middle fingers. Comb her strand of hair between his fingers.

2. Dip your fingers along the strands to the point where going to make the cut. Quickly and carefully trim the end of a strand. Trim the strand.

When you cut the child.

If you have difficulties when trying to seat a toddler, try to use the following tools:

Get him on a high chair, giving into the hands of a favorite toy.

– Ask an adult to hold the baby while you cut.

To sit in front of the mirror. This kid will see everything I do. The boys usually especially worried when the scissors close to their ears. It is likely that the ability to see your manipulation will reduce such anxiety.

Cut the child whenever possible in your situation. Many believe that the cut of the baby — a very difficult task. But do not forget about its main advantage — after all, it’s your child and no one better than you knows how to handle it.

Home — it is perhaps the best spot for haircuts young children. A familiar setting allows you to feel more relaxed.

When cutting hair, the boys are usually much more worried than girls. To two years of age, try to confine the trimming bangs and unruly strands around the ears son. In two years, he probably will be ready to withstand a haircut.

Straightening hair of the child, be careful and attentive, as well as when trimming nails, brushing teeth and other necessary procedures.

After work, be sure to praise your son or daughter, tell me, how beautiful he or she look like now. Call other family members so they, too, have admired and commended. Children love to be the center of attention, so don’t be surprised that after several such “views” the child will ask you to cut it again.

Getting the first haircut of a child, stick to the following rules:

– First, clearly define for yourself what exactly you want to achieve.

– Before you start, read that Chapter of this book, which describes the execution of the desired haircut. Remember, haircuts for very small child it is not necessary to perform all operations exactly and in the order as they are presented here. Children under three years of age are rarely able to sit still during the entire time required.

– Start with those areas of the head that require your intervention more than others. The main thing is already done, if a child suddenly make you stop.

– Be careful, don’t hurt yourself or the baby. Get ready to his constant movements and movements with him.

In addition, remember that it is important to be confident and to cut with pleasure. Your mood affects the child’s behavior.

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