Harmful to children computer games?

She’s wrong, I grew up on computer games since 7 years, and still play. Mental all right, friends and family don’t complain))) Live in a happy marriage, attitude to life is positive, in General I full happy people and don’t remember periods in my life, that game to me than it prevented. On the contrary, in his childhood when friends walked through the basement and learned to smoke, their society, I wasn’t interested and it seemed mundane. Computer games are good and a very common hobby in the modern world and for the past generation new, strange and not clear, like all unknown. To deny it or to prevent the child from playing just because smart aunt (which the game never played and not familiar with this phenomenon) said, it’s stupid, anyway, if the child shows interest in games, he’s come to love will find a way where, what and with whom to play. Do not judge strictly this phenomenon, there is nothing terrible, this is the modern world and this is absolutely normal, it tells you the person with 20 years experience of the player. And of course all need to know when to stop, the child will learn to identify, believe me, because abuse can be anything, and the computer game is the most beobide from modern Hobbies, the child will try to develop your inner spiritual world of dreams and beautiful fantasies and not spinning in the environment of “real kids listening to rap and loves cars with hot Chicks” comp.the game is a very enjoyable, informative and interesting =) as well as books and games are different, immerse the person in a beautiful world, forcing to reflect on high or not worth considering as glamorous glossy magazines. Many of these games are quite claim the title of works of art and creative genius to wash the person, this should not be taken out of the context of blood and violence (you don’t read a book from somewhere in the middle, and read it first, as intended by the author), try to see the picture in perspective, entirely. Ked in the TV everything is much worse and the person has no choice, it is programmed to certain things, but in games there is always a choice and one learns to choose himself. See Doc.the movie “Gamer Revolution” from Discovery, there is quite an objective view of things, with all the fears and stereotypes plaguing parents who know nothing about it. Good luck to you =)

Cornelius PPE

Well depending on what game. Now developed a lot of games in which you can learn.

Alexander Ivolgin

Certainly harmful, because the computer Iggy deprive the formation of social skills. These skills are formed only in games with a real partner. Besides computer games prevent the formation bolshinstvo motor-motor skills (this requires active games outdoors). And thirdly, our children too much sitting at a Desk and staring at a single point (which is bad for your posture and for vision). Therefore it is better to give preference to desktop and mobile games: the developmental potential of them no less harm will be less and benefit more.

Anton Pogodin

I have taught my child to play educational computer games in 3 years. Played it for half an hour a day. Somewhere through the floor, I noticed that the only child and thought and said about these games. She kept asking when it will be time to play the game. He would ask new games. To get her out of the game could only be tears. The girl became very nervous. I decided to forbid her to go to her computer. I concluded that for young children it is an absolute evil. Don’t know really how this 8 year old child affected. It will be necessary to repeat the experiment in 8 years. Definitely need to limit.

Isot Nenashev

in Jerusalem, everything is useful, if only there were no puddles of blood. My son and I love more strategies and quests.

Mokej Malykhin

I letniy daughter limit computer and anime cartoons, I believe that it is harmful especially in this age, for they are not entirely formed of the psyche..

Carp Of Destin

Smoking and watching the series “school”, I think, is more harmful than any KI

generally virtual world out there.

and here you are, communicate with the child more

in childhood we all watched movies about the war, banging nails with a hammer and cut with a bread knife, I like many have no desire to beat someone or to cut.

Kondraty Luzhkov

if games are educational. logical, thinking. but if there is violence it is necessary to protect children from such games. try to interest your child in books.

Gregory Amelin

Harmful the fact that he’s losing precious time on the game, leaving less time for study. But the experiment, researchers from the University of Illinois proved that computer games improve short-term memory and logical thinking, improve short-term visual memory and the ability to identify objects. The experiment was carried out in persons older than 60 years. Nonsense in my opinion, computer games are harmful.

Nicanor Brezhnev

Yes of course, my brother is crazy, just that once freaking out!

Anatoly Balashov

nonsense, if a lot of time playing, then maybe the negative.

on my psyche at the time much negative and traumatica influenced communication with classmates)

not the game raising a child, and you and the people around him)

Yemelyan Forester

it’s all so simple. you need to consider the content of games(violence, porn, etc.). I read a study by Japanese scientists, which showed that children who are in preschool and in primary school was carried away(in a moderate form) video games, basree and learn better schoolguy the program, as they have better developed memory, intelligence, attention. you should not go to extremes. need to find a middle ground.

Philemon Mushrooms

Looking how to play them. You ought to know when to stop. But some of the games the child can become ill. to the boys it is more suitable.

Prokhor Seregin

Definitely right. In large drug treatment centers have offices where patients are treated (sometimes unsuccessfully) gamers.

Benedict Abdulov

Everything has an opposite.it’s like saying watching TV is harmful,to ride a bike is bad.to live then too vredno-from this ,they say,die. All necessary measure,that it did not develop into mania and not distract from other aspects of life.And for letnego child even useful educational games,because it is the only way of getting information,and children using the computer is more receptive.The task of parents to be attentive to the interests,to send a child.after all, even the shooters can be useful.if you are shooting typical boys aggression,relax,teach perseverance,attentiveness and logical thinking.Now these games are that stupid anymore,with all the subtext,and absolutely it is interesting

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