Hooray! Vacation! Than to occupy the child during the summer

Let’s call the four most common misconceptions regarding children’s activities and indicate how they can be remedied.

1. Some parents believe that the key to give the child complete freedom during the holidays and let your child of all: hanging out with friends, staying up all night to play computer games and watch cartoons. After this “rest” child may need additional rehabilitation at least in the form of fresh air and good sleep. So, parents need to take care of holidays to spend free time. Than desobranie the child, the more careful should be the plan. Help the child to relax consciously.

Only parents will be able to attach to their beautiful children from an early age. The child stretches from birth to beauty. Cleverly organized arts education helps children to learn more deeply the world around us. The best works of literature, painting, theatre, cinema, music broadens the mind of the child and help him to feel brighter and understand the beautiful in nature and society.

2. Some parents believe that a vacation can well be done at home. The most important thing to complete children’s recreation is a change of impressions and activities. Therefore, even if you have no funds for trips to camps and resorts, try to bring the child for a little while on nature. The fit and giving friends, if not his, and relatives in another city, and just out of the woods for the weekend.

An important means of aesthetic education of children is a communion with nature. A beautiful landscape not only develops a sense of beauty in children, but also awakens their love to the native land. Show your baby all the charm and beauty of the world. Dew on the grass, the flowers in the meadow, the swallow’s nest. Loving all of this, he will never break branches on trees, pick flowers, throw rocks at birds. Teach your child to hear the noise of the wind, the rustling of leaves, the lapping of water, the chirping of birds. Look for together the mushrooms under the leaves, plant flowers on a nearby flowerbed. Your efforts will not be wasted.

If your child spends the summer at home, don’t be lazy, come up with some mini-tours, trips, walks to make the holidays more saturated. In way you can bring pencils, album, notebook, minicontroller. All this will help the child to constantly be busy and not be bored. Invite a child to draw a place you go: sea, river, forest, Park. This will occupy him for a while, and good cheer. The older children in the way you can purchase an audio book, it will help pass the time and spend it with benefit.

3. There are parents who believe that and in the summer a child needs to do to for the new school year he has something left in my head. Imagine that you are on vacation, the boss gave the job – so you have not forgotten their skills. It is unlikely you will love it. And why is the child in its rightful time for rest need to load the classes in math, language and other Sciences? The benefits of this little – because all his thoughts are occupied with the upcoming entertainment. As a result, the student did not feel refreshed. If you are really not very good progress over the summer and the child will forget, then we can work out, but only at the end of August, for a week or two before the start of the new academic year.

Better in the summer to attend the musical, dramatic and puppet theatres, concerts. Be sure to discuss everything I saw and heard. Try the examples to explain to the children what is good and evil, beautiful and ugly.

Introduce your children to painting, to sculpture, to the best traditions of folk art, classical and modern art. Many children love to collect art cards, reproductions of works of art – it contributes to the development of artistic taste. Go with them to exhibitions, art galleries.

4. Some parents believe that the holidays child should be given the opportunity to relax from their parents. The entire school year have you talked with your child for the most part on business topics: what is asked, what mark? So holidays are a great opportunity to speak on other topics: talk about your Hobbies and learn about the interests of a son or daughter, to discuss family plans. Of course, we should not remain silent with my grandmother, from the camp, but the three summer months find at least a couple of weeks to spend with the child.

Drawing, embroidery, molding, burning, design, modeling primarily for those who do not know how to focus, to concentrate. These classes not only develop their aesthetic taste, but also make the child more attention.

Swimming is often recommended for children with excitable nervous system. Water relieves stress, helps the child to calm down, relaxes muscles.

Team games (football, volleyball, hockey, basketball) will teach your child to make decisions quickly, will hone reaction. In addition, these Hobbies can adapt more quickly among peers overly shy children. Bratty boys and girls sports, across, disciplines.

Before you take your son or daughter in school sports, be sure to consult your pediatrician if there are contraindications for health.

Music, dancing, photography is primarily useful self-absorbed children introverts who prefer to hide from others their true thoughts and mood. The opportunity to creatively Express themselves in sound or movement, successfully caught the frame is very important. In addition music helps to deal with rudeness, nekulturney, it colours the feelings of the children in a light and cheerful tone. Accustomed from childhood to the works of Bach and Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Mozart, the child in the future looks at the world positively. But if he was diagnosed with an ear for music or a good singing voice, try to develop his abilities. Classes at the school of music never hurt anybody become good engineers or scientists. And singing folk songs fosters in children a love for his people, to his literary heritage.

“Sandwiched” deep inside emotions will find a way in dancing or singing, playing a musical instrument, photography.

For the development of artistic taste help the children to choose a club of Amateur. Theatre arts is a powerful educational tool and promotes the comprehensive development of children. Lessons, however, helps the education in the spirit of comradely mutual assistance and organization, contribute to the development of their thinking and imagination.

Drama club is a great opportunity “let off steam” fidgets, lively children, as well as fans to boast or even FIB. “Trying on” on different roles, they realize their potential of imagination, creativity and indomitable vitality.

Do not create success around your child an unhealthy activity (demonstration “masterpieces” the young genius to all relatives, endless praise, etc.). Let your approval will always be sincere and not a sham. Take the time to talk to him about classes, ask, what seems difficult and what is easy, to inspire further creativity.

But from a sharp critical evaluations better to abstain. So to drag him forcibly, against his wishes, for example singing, pointless. Better explain that this is an opportunity to make new friends, learn how to sing like your favorite artist, learn something new, to discover the talent, etc.

It is reasonable to distribute the child’s age, so he was not overworked and fully rested.

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