How to live with the unloved husband, and is it worth it?

Yes, unfortunately, it also happens that after some time in marriage, the woman suddenly realizes that the stranger next to her and unloved people. Why is this happening – who knows? Sometimes the reason for the disappearance of love is a series of disappointments, sometimes inflicted by the husband resentment, and sometimes it’s just not explainable loss of interest in his own half. But the fact remains, – the love is gone. And well, if a woman will accept this fact with the inherent weaker sex natural wisdom. Then she will be ready for it and will try to keep peace in the family and friendly towards their partner. However, not all have enough strength to such an act. Some of the women breaks the marriage bond, and someone continues to live with the unloved person, and secretly tormented sobbing into my pillow at night.

Strongly of unloved men usually women self-sufficient, self-confident. They prefer to be alone, but not to live with those who are nothing but animosity, not causes. Women are weak, vulnerable, sometimes very deeply suffering, don’t want to risk it. Let unloved, hateful, but all the same husband, the man who is always there. They’re just afraid that you will not be able to create a pretty solid new relationship with a man. Who is right?

Each of these wives own rightness. One thing is obvious – to make a decision about the final rupture with her husband should only then, will Mature when you are in need of. If we believe that there is, in addition to divorce, we do not have, it is wise to enlist the support of loved ones, family or friends. After all, they help a lonely woman might need at any moment. Otherwise it may happen that the support will have to turn to a former spouse, and this is undesirable. First, because “died died”, and he ought to think about a new family. To create it will be difficult, if the former wife will be no end to bother the man. Well, and secondly, the fact that the ex-spouse may begin to hope that everything will be back. Why mislead him and be forced to wait for what will never happen?

The woman who dared to break with the unloved husband, will have to ensure that her self-esteem when it fell. Unfortunately, even in our not so perfect society the status of divorced women is still below the status of a married wife. A divorced woman is seen by many as either a dissolute person, or like a loser, unable to keep the family together. This is especially true for small towns, where many people know each other. The causes of divorce in this case, usually no one is going to understand. The woman just convicted, and all. But such condemnation is undoubtedly pressure on the psyche “broke girls”, causing her to cringe under the eyes of the people.

However, the exit from such situation is not difficult. Woman just need to firmly understand that she doesn’t live to please others. So upset over what people say about her neighbors or co-workers, not worth it. Our life belongs only to us and only we can decide what to do in a particular case.

Well, if the divorce is for some reason undesirable? What then? Let’s think, what would be the best option of this loveless marriage with her husband.

How to start a new life with the unloved husband?

Many women do not love their husbands continue to live in marriage because of children. It is understandable that – a father still better someone else’s uncle, and the kids love him. And the attitude of the mom to dad to touch them in any way. I must say that this situation occurs quite often and it is rather heavy. Because a woman, in this case, sacrifices her happiness for the welfare of children.

That is the real difficulty. The mother and father of the child, of course, are equally expensive. And divorce is usually a very deep psychological trauma. However, if between the parents in the house happens all the scandals they cause to the psyche of the child is not less severe strokes. And to hide the father and mother from the child’s own relationships very difficult. Moreover, often, the blame for the failed marital life spouse subconsciously impose on their children. While children create, very finely conscious of the internal world of their parents. A sense of guilt they will certainly settle and can remain for life.

All this should be considered a woman if she intends to save the marriage with the unloved husband. Scandals in the family should be kept to a minimum because in the house there will be hell to ruin childhood. And maybe for a lifetime. If to do without eternal quarrels not possible, I think, it is better to decide on the gap. In the end, the divorce does not mean the end of relations of children with their father. Besides, it often happens that the father after the divorce begins to reach for the children during your stay with them as a family. So, if you live in a loveless marriage with her husband completely unbearable, it is not necessary to keep the family together just for the kids. To anything good it will not.

Well, when one is still able to tolerate the presence of a number of unloved husband, think – but is it really unloved? If the answer is, probably best not to hide and to speak with your spouse openly (if the conversation is not associated with the risk of a major scandal). This will help to avoid many provoking quarrels situations. How would passionately loved his wife husband, sooner or later he will accept that she reciprocates his feelings. Ultimately, such marriages are very frequent.

Sometimes a woman thinks loves her husband, but takes pity on him. Here the situation is ambiguous. Because sometimes we just think that the love is gone, and we are close to someone only out of a sense of pity. Love can take different forms and be expressed even as hatred. So if we don’t really love their spouse, but regret it, think – maybe it’s a form of love? And to imagine life without this person. Will not cause it pain? If requested, then it’s not so bad. Then the question of how to start a new life with the unloved husband, not necessary. Just habit and routine household dulled the senses and revive them, make an effort to can. And, just because with feelings it will be easier to live.

It also happens that a woman, like, and wants to break with her husband, but at the same time is afraid of the responsibility that will fall on her shoulders after the divorce. Such indecision, in fact, there is evidence that feelings to her husband, and the wife needs care and participation. In this case, it is good to understand yourself and realize that with this person her really well. And without it it will be bad. Because it is often poorly we understand our true happiness, and begin to chase the Chimera. And then regret for the lost Paradise, Razumova, finally, that the former spouse was exactly what we needed. But he already has another family, and that change is not possible.

In short, to live or not with the unloved husband – the question is ambiguous. And every woman should own. If near – complete stranger, does not cause any positive emotions, people, perhaps, it is better to part with it. Why torturing him and yourself? Each of us is worthy of love and happiness, and not to sacrifice them. Well, if positive emotions are still present… Then, perhaps we should save the family?

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