Hygienic education of girls as future mothers

At birth, the sex organs girls are still very “young”, but need close care. At an early age that caring for yourself should take mom. How she will take care of the genitals of their baby depends on whether her “baby” in turn to become a mother.

Babies skin is very delicate. The epidermis is vulnerable and any infection can create an inflammatory process. The same can be said about the lack of hygiene, especially hygiene genitals. Girls ‘ genitals are vulnerable not only externally but also internally. The mucosa of the genital organs in infants, which usually is designed to protect against the ingress of infection is still poorly developed.

In the first days after birth the girls can watch spotting. This is a normal process, as the girl left the mother’s hormones, which are displayed in this way. So panic should not be. Allocation pass in a few days. It is necessary, every two hours to change diapers and to observe the rules of hygiene.

The procedure of cleaning

Not in any case not to wash genitals girls in the bath. It is better to wash away child running with boiled water. You can use a moist cotton swabs for cleaning. Water the procedure should be performed after each diaper change. During caving mother should hold his hand from the pubis to the coccyx, in that direction. Otherwise the remnants of feces can get on the labia, and start the inflammation.

In the first year of life is better not to use cosmetic products to wash the genitals and also better not to use potassium permanganate and other means. They dry the skin and destroy the weak barrier function of the skin, which managed to appear. After a year you can use a special liquid soap for intimate hygiene of girls and only in case of contact with faeces on the skin. Soap to clean only the surface of the genital organs, that is, large lips. Soapy material must not get into the sex gap.

Dry the skin after the procedure of cleaning should be a separate towel that belongs only to the girl. In addition to this, it should have its own sponge and soap. After this it is necessary to lubricate the external part of the genitals of baby cream.

Underwear should be made only from natural materials. For example, cotton or linen. Synthetic materials do not allow the skin to breathe. In addition, synthetic fibers are not able to absorb secretions that occur in girls, as a result, they accumulate and RUB the skin, causing inflammation.

The baby clothes should always be free: not to steal the genital area, not constrain movement. It is forbidden to wash clothes and linen of the child along with things adults.

Many mothers start to panic when you see the girl appear leucorrhea. Although her menses have not started. Be prepared that in the period from three to four first months of life, from seven to nine and from thirteen to fourteen years of a child on the labia will form a white film. It speaks nothing about the disease, and that the sex organs are developing and maturing. Smegma is the result of work of sebaceous glands of the external genitalia. To remove white discharge should swab dipped in boiled olive oil or boiled in water. So you can act when the child is small. In a more adult, mom can tell little about these secretions and to teach the child to care for genitals.

All of these methods, namely the hygiene of the genital area, we try to “escape” from many diseases. But mostly from vulvovaginitis. This inflammation of the girl’s genitals, which is localized on the outer part of the genitals. Most often from candidiasis suffer the little girls under ten years of age. All because of poor defenses and poor hygiene. The disease develops and can lead to disastrous consequences that are difficult to immediately identify. In the future, the girl can become infertile. So dear mothers not shrink from the rules of hygiene. Then your in the future for one lucky woman in the world will be more!

Intimate hygiene girls.

· Before shaving publish parts of the baby, wash your hands with soap and water. Girls tempted with warm water WITHOUT soap.

· If necessary, remnants of feces in front of the vagina carefully remove soaked diaper area moistened cotton wool or a damp cloth.

· After cleaning lubricate between sexual sponges natural fatty oil is better than almond, but any vegetable. Do not use mineral oil or baby oil based on mineral oils.

· Change diapers at least every 3 hours, in the hot season or if the room temperature is above 22 degrees, try to wear a normal little girl cotton panties

· Begin to teach the girl to wash, especially useful joint shower with my mom and learning by example.

· Buy baby only cotton panties, without impurity synthetics.

· Padmavati girl after each bowel movement front to back or use a damp cloth.

· Do not allow baby to sit without panties or pants on the floor, chair, couch and any other surfaces, the purity of which may be questionable.

· The girl is able while bathing with mom to make toilet intimate organs. Before bedtime daily girl needs to wash away or wipe with a damp cloth. Changing the little girl panties twice a day. Night’s sleep is desirable without panties, free jammies or naked.

· Upon detection of a discharge consult your family doctor or a pediatric gynecologist.

Sending to kindergarten:

· Explain to the daughter that no one has the right to touch her genitals, but mom and the doctor in my mother’s presence.

· Put baby in a pouch inside the package of wet wipes.

· Keep plenty of spare panties.

· Tell the child that it is desirable carefully to get wet genitals with toilet paper after each urination.

· Show how she alone can make intimate genitalia (bidet, hand shower, scoop) don’t buy girls tight fitting pants, synthetic clothes.

· In our time on the beaches you can see a 5-6 year old ladies in thongs wearing thongs girls absolutely contraindicated! In addition to the spread of bacteria from the anus to the genital region, the wearing of thongs leads to poor circulation, can injure the delicate skin around the genitals, the cause of thrush.

· Tell the girl about menstruation and hygiene supplies in this period, if you have not done it before.

Appearance of first menstruation:

· Check whether the girl understands the principles of personal hygiene during menstruation, often enough change strip. Maybe your daughter won’t suit those tools that you use – provide a choice.

· Always keep the house the necessary supply of hygiene.

· Ask about the nature of the menstrual and intermenstrual discharge.

· In a confidential conversation to inform her daughter that from now she can become a mother.

The observance of these simple rules of hygiene and trusting, close relationship with the mother will help to keep daughter women’s health and the opportunity in the future without problems to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

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