Organized in the parents ‘ bedroom children’s corner

Design bedroom for parents with a child is not necessarily necessary only if there is no extra room in an apartment or house for decorating her baby. Sometimes parents prefer to be closer to him.

According to psychologists more harmoniously develop children who feel the closeness of father and mother. How is children, and parents ‘ bedroom in one room are invited to learn in this article.

Particulars of sleeping space for the child

A considerable part of his life the baby spends in sleep that makes parents very careful approach to the question of the design of the room. Bedroom with baby cot must be in all respects perfect.

The first step is to choose a place where the furniture will stand the kid.

Tip: cot should not stand very close to the front door — the source of the noise.

To create space to sleep your baby should:

In the first place it is necessary to visually isolate, which will create the child comfortable conditions. In this case, it is possible to arrange a screen or curtains, or create a more serious design, which can be full partitions(see Partitions of plasterboard ).

The advantages of partitioning are: complete isolation of the baby from the surrounding stimuli, which contributes to a strong, full sleep. The disadvantage of such construction will be a significant visual reduction of room.

Tip: In the absence of large-area premises, from such venture is to refuse to use screens.

Much more harmonious look of the curtains, if you want to combine children’s and parents ‘ room. Then the baby will have his own area to sleep, and he will constantly be in society with their parents for full development of the child is very important.

Tip: the Device screens or curtains — more than the right decision, although equips the interior of the premises where children, combined with the bedroom of the parents, each family in its own way.

You need to consider where best to install sleeper couch. It should be noted that the area was sufficiently illuminated, and the child here was comfortable.

Put the crib is not worth close to the window, comes here in the winter cold, even from a modern plastic Windows.

The placement of the bed the baby next to the bed of the parents

How to arrange a Dorm room children of all ages and parents

In order to obtain a functional area in the room there is no mandatory need of redevelopment apartment, to develop the project and to obtain a permit.

Tip: the Main challenge in implementing such a venture is to provide comfort and convenience for all family members. Even in a small room you need to find the location of green zones for sleeping and a small space for games kid.

When making common room should take into account the age of the child.

In this case:

Well when the infants crib will be located on the podium, in full view of parents, who can immediately determine his needs. The same option is suitable even for older children.

Harder to zoned bedrooms for adults and kids of preschool and school ages. If enough parents only zone for sleep, children need places to practice, play and sleep. They must be well lit.

To delineate the boundary between zones for children and adults using functional furniture, which is provided with racks, shelves and lockers. Here you can store books, school supplies, toys. The height of the partitions may be low or resting against the ceiling.

It is not recommended to install them near Windows and doors. An example of zoning of the rack shown in the photo.

Zoning total rooms using the rack

Consolation for the student living in the same space with their parents, is a loft bed, which combines at once the sleeping area and determines the workplace.

Loft bed for student

More privacy is necessary to the teenager. In this case, you need to ensure maximum privacy and separation zones of parents and children.

Individual comfort zones for adults and a teenager, you can create drywall partitions. A big disadvantage of such devices is that the partition wall makes the room more dark.

Tip: Replacing drywall frosted glass or glass blocks, you can solve the problem of insufficient illumination.

Methods of zoning rooms

In addition to the above, there are some other methods to highlight areas for parents and children:

Installation of sliding doors. This design can be made of translucent glass that not only will divide the area into two zones, but also visually enlarge it.

Confirms the practicality of sliding doors and such is their feature that allows in the open position clearly delineate the space.

The device sliding doors

Lightness and weightlessness will give the room the curtains that divide the room into zones for parents and children.

Made from materials of different colors and textures. Curtains(see the Curtains with his hands ) — quite versatile zoning. For example, at the device of their family celebrations can be opened, then the room will be transformed into a single space, and when they are closed — the room is divided into two zones.

Fixed or folding screens, will be a great compromise when you combine the bedroom for adults and children. Such designs do not overload the space, and with it fully fulfill their task for them. The real highlight of the interior will be a bamboo screen.

Child and parent zone can be described by means of walls, floor covering and use of lighting equipment. Different texture and colors of the materials, non-uniform illumination of the space visual zone of the room, and thus, not block it.

To arrange a children’s area, selecting the juicy, fun colors or stickers colorful wall murals. Soft colors of space for adults will have a proper rest after a busy day.

The floors in the children’s area can be covered in fluffy soiled rug, and for adults it is better to lay carpet, laminate or parquet Board.

How to equip a dormitory parents and two children

It is believed that room for two parents and children is practically impossible, but if you put your mind, to choose and arrange the furniture, you can achieve excellent results. How to do it correctly shows the video in this article.

Manual dividing the room into areas for adults and children:

Bathroom is mentally divided into two zones: for children and adults.

Divide the children’s half of the room from an adult can, erecting in the interior of the room where two children sharing a curtain or a screen.

Tip: the design of the semicircular configuration of the wall into the interior space more harmoniously, and also saves space.

On the territory of the room where you will sleep adults, you can install a sofa bed, wardrobe, armchair with coffee table, on the wall to hang a plasma TV.

This side of the room should be placed closer to the door each morning to allow parents not to Wake the kids.

In the area of children perfectly fits: bunk bed with multiple drawers, a Desk and chair, a chest of drawers where you can store clothes and toys.

Design bedrooms for parents and two children

Competent organization of the working place of a student should include high-quality, ergonomically designed work Desk with adjustable height and angle of the countertop, despite the fact that its price will be higher than normal.

The optimal room layout for two children when the children’s area is closer to the window. In this case, the children are provided with natural light.

If possible it is better to purchase a Desk as long as possible, so that he was able to have two children at the same time.

The floors in the “child” part of the room should be covered with a warm rug, which has a long NAP, because children often play on the floor.

To visually expand the narrow room, by the advice of experienced designers use a highly-polished furniture made of wood, and glossy materials on the floors.

Tip: a Special warmth gives the room a great amount of wood.

When creating the interior of the room where you’ll sleep parents and their two children, need to take one type of Wallpaper for the entire room. Decorate all the walls of the bedroom with posters or pictures of animals that will visually unite the two areas.

Like any creative process, the zoning for the bedroom and nursery requires sufficient ingenuity of the parents. But having invested in the implementation of such a complex task, even a small part of the soul, you can create a cozy nest for all family members.

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