How to help a loved one to change?

Yesterday, after walking the first warm weather, we the young man went into a cafe, where he developed the subsequent drama. We have long argued. I said that all our life is just our personal choice. Spoke about the responsibility for their destiny, about choosing a path through our daily decisions. The man (sincerely loved by me) said that we are nothing in this life is never solved. The choice is impossible that we are managed by the opinions of others, the view of society, family, friends. And what if everyone actually chose something, we would have anarchy and the Apocalypse. And so we all must, they say, in the world and holds. I started to argue that it’s stupid and irresponsible to have a screen and say: “Yes if I could, but can’t help it”… Good excuse. And now I just can not understand. Is it possible to say that one of us is right? And is it possible to “cure” a loved one from this idea and teach it something else? And if I do something right to teach another person? Who told me that I’m right? And if you strive every day even for a drop cameraswith, do you have the right to develop someone? If the family Continue reading

Organized in the parents ‘ bedroom children’s corner

Design bedroom for parents with a child is not necessarily necessary only if there is no extra room in an apartment or house for decorating her baby. Sometimes parents prefer to be closer to him.

According to psychologists more harmoniously develop children who feel the closeness of father and mother. How is children, and parents ‘ bedroom in one room are invited to learn in this article.

Particulars of sleeping space for the child

A considerable part of his life the baby spends in sleep that makes parents very careful approach to the question of the design of the room. Bedroom with baby cot must be in all respects perfect.

The first step is to choose a place where the furniture will stand the kid.

Tip: cot should not stand very close to the front door — the source of the noise.

To create space to sleep your baby should:

In the first place it is necessary to visually isolate, which will create the child comfortable conditions. In this case, it is possible to arrange a screen or curtains, or create a more serious design, which can be full partitions(see Partitions of plasterboard ).

The advantages of partitioning are: complete isolation of the baby from the surrounding stimuli, which contributes to a strong, full Continue reading

Haircut young children

In the first months of a child’s life of course, you still think about the style of his hair. And with the first hair first no special problems. These cute infant curls grow on the head only once and, if they shear off, never to return. So enjoy them while you still can.

However, inevitably there comes a time when the bangs already gets into the eyes, and the tips of the strands too much confused because of its great length. Well, that means it’s time for the first haircut. Whether you need just keep the kid in the Barber shop? I think not. Drawing from this Chapter are some helpful tips and learn the simple techniques, you will be able to cut a baby alone.

Miscellaneous children’s first haircut is needed at different ages. Some are born with lots of hair, some — entirely without them. You always notice that the time came to bring the head of a son or daughter in order. In my experience, most often it becomes necessary in about one year. Of course, in this age the baby is not yet able to fully understand what you’re going to do with his hair. However, children are capable of understanding much more than you think, so a good idea to at least try to prepare your child for this new event.

Before you put your child for a haircut, try to explain to him what you want from him . Tell us how this will happen. Let this conversation looks funny Continue reading

Why the child cannot hear you?

Sometimes, parents think that their child is absolutely not to hear. They ask the question, what could cause this? Maybe he just pretends? Maybe. But for what reason?

Experience shows that the reasons are not so much. Aside from health, there are only three.

First of all, fear . Remember yourself in a situation where you are afraid of someone or afraid to look bad in the eyes of someone. What you are experiencing? You seem to get stupid in the eyes. Forget the words, right thoughts, usually come much later than necessary. The same thing is happening with the child. If a parent is very demanding or irritable or very concerned about the progress of their child, the child may simply be afraid. Afraid to upset, to fear, to anger, to fear to disappoint.

The second reason may be lack of interest. The child may be busy with something else. If you think that child soldiers should switch attention to you first, think of yourself. Throwing an interesting conversation on the phone first? Why are children we are waiting for something else? Continue reading

Children are a reflection of their parents.

In our days there are many social problems: at-risk students, orphans, alcoholism all age categories of the population, drug addiction, dependency on tobacco, crime, violence, etc. I decided to take the social problem from which all other problems in society. This is the problem of improper training, unfavorable climate in the family.

Really, what is the probability that in a family where neither mother nor father doesn’t drink, raise a man who in the future will suffer from alcoholism? Or what is the probability that in a family with a favorable climate, full of mutual understanding, respect, equality, warm it a difficult child, prone to various kinds of offences?

By choosing this theme, I decided to find out how true to the theory that children repeat the behavior of their parents, build their relationships within the family, as did their parents, are strongly influenced by the upbringing in the family for future life of man, and what can cause error parents.

The child learns

He sees himself in the house.

Parents are the example of him!

Who when wife and kids are rude,

Whom the language of debauchery telegram,

Let remember that with interest Continue reading

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