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In seeking to give the child to school before the parents, of course, I wish the kid the best – and he will develop before you can graduate a year before the army, he will have the time to decide with the Institute. But parents don’t realize what problems and dangers fraught with early enrolling the child in school. One of the most serious and pressing problems today is the lack of functional readiness of children to training at school.

Special studies have shown that the number of children unprepared for school by functional and mental development, decreases significantly only after 6 years. That is, the older the child, the less likely you are to be among the unprepared.

Thus, among children of five, five and a half years revealed 80% of unready children, six years of such children is much less – 51%, in the six and a half (note the difference of only six months) – 32%, and at the age of seven years – only 13% of children not ready for school.

The smaller children have a great risk of getting the greatest difficulty in adaptation (adjusting to the school workload, collectivity), the risk not to have time to study, to increase the existing deviations in health status and disease from undue stress and fatigue. What special is happening in the body of a child aged 6-7 years? The child quickly grows. During the year, his height increases by 8-10 cm Intensively the development of the skeleton, joints, ligaments, muscles.

Each of the 206 bones varies greatly in shape, size, internal structure. In this age of poorly developed small muscles of the hands, is not yet complete ossification of carpal bones and phalanges. Therefore, it is often from the baby can hear: “arm hurts”, “carpal tunnel”. Physiology disorders of the child entail substantial changes in the psyche.

Therefore, careful attention parents and teachers should attract not only children who are not succeeding academically, but also to those who study well (these children are invisible, because, strictly speaking, nothing to worry about, the child successfully learns and well).

The fact is that excellent performance, the lack of readiness of the organism is achieved, as a rule, very expensive “physiological price”, causing excessive stress on various body systems, leading to fatigue and exhaustion, and as a result mental health disorders. And if your little ones who are under the age of six years, is still going on the first of September in the school? What is worth paying attention to? Track your weight of the child. It is established that if, at the end of the second quarter the baby significantly loses weight, it is an indication that the load is excessive for him.

Make sure that they meet all performance points, not less than 2 hours per day the child was in the fresh air, 5 times a day ate and went to bed on time. Do not disregard the manifestation of excessive irritability and crying-easily thing, lethargy, listlessness and other symptoms of ill health of the baby. Let the child complete the school holidays. so he rested, collaborate with the school psychologist, he in time may provide valuable advice, to advise, to insure.

Comment psychologist parents of future students.

Child, teacher, school. With the arrival to school, the child opens first outside the formal side of school life. Therefore, the first grader tries to behave like a schoolboy, to sit straight, to raise their hands, stand up when you answer. But any task is woven into the situation of communication of the child with the teacher. The child sees him as the main man, at times unaware of the teaching of the subject. The child needs to see the teacher as not just a person who is respected, “official” of adult and media educational content. Otherwise it is goal – solving the problem – will try to guess what the teacher wants to please him.

The child’s behavior in school should be determined by the logic of a school subject and school life. Selection of the subject of study and separate it from the adult (the teacher) is Central to the ability to learn. Without this skill, the child will not become a disciple in the fullest sense. Parents should strive to be in close interaction with the teacher. In the interests of the child and your – to maintain its authority. Should not teachers discuss what you have observed deficiencies in the child.

If some alarming things or don’t suit You, go to the teacher and choose chat, seeking ways of understanding, not confrontation. Because with him will have to find ways to effectively help and support Your child.

Learn to listen to the baby.

Mistaken parents, when you think that help children, offering ready answers, giving to rewrite or solving problems. Your goal is to understand what prevents the child to solve the problem. Perhaps the situation, fatigue, overexcitation (need to calm down, read a book, relax) or lack of information (look for it together), maybe a misunderstanding as to the nature of the job. And it first of all should listen, to discuss, to understand the thought process of a child, to fail to self-finding the right solutions.

To help the child, supporting you emotionally (to squeeze, hug, Pat on the head), expressing confidence that the difficult tasks she can handle it. To notice malyshi success, to emphasize even a small achievement, to praise the child. to rejoice with him and for him. Do not compare your child with other students, not to accuse, not to bully and not to criticize him, especially in front of others. To regard failures as temporary and those that always accompany the person in learning something new in life. Point and encourage.

The handwriting of a child

If in notebooks for first graders included specifications for hatch – treat with the utmost seriousness. This is the best training for hands, prepared to the letter. It is important not the number of letters or lines, and a variety of exercises for the hand and fingers of the child. It might be acupressure, and picking up stones and chestnut trees, and household work associated with small movements, cutting with scissors, choose rump, collect bulk products, knead dough, to make dumplings, etc.

Should not be abused by the very process of writing, to get to write the first draft and rewrite several times. The main thing is not to see the tragedy and not to blame the child for “bad” letter. More patience will help parents, readiness together to go all the way to start a new school life. Negotiate with the child: “let’s do exercises for the fingers, and then try to write this letter. Here you will see, we will succeed. “.

Engage the process of learning something new.

Your own interest in the process of learning something new will be a good reference point for the child. For example: “you Have such vivid pictures in textbooks, fun books and interesting challenges! When I was studying, wasn’t, can you show me how to do this? “You really a lot of discoveries to make. And this shared the joy of discovery so unite! Then the children will not be passive in school, mechanically repeating the answers of other students, choosing tasks, protozoa, and to identify interest in the issues of teachers and the desire to find the answer.

The beginning of schooling does not mean that toys and games are in the past. The child must continue to play with their Pets, to build sand castles. It is a gradual entry into new classes will overshadow a child’s game. It is unacceptable to condemn or laugh at the fact that a first grader will not part with toys. Is very important that the parents understand that at the most inopportune moment favorite doll or Teddy bear very help the child to experience new events, reflect on experiences, to cope with emotions.

Stepanova Maria Viktorovna, the teacher of the preschool

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