Pregnancy – how to tell husband that you are pregnant?

What words parents reported that they expect the baby? Of course, “WE’re pregnant”. The rest of the phrase does not sound so succinctly. For example, “My wife is expecting a child” implies that the child would only wife. What about a future Pope? Or, say, the woman reports: “I will baby”… the Question is the same: but the husband has the baby? Therefore, you will agree that not only mommy is waiting. Dad appears the heir, grandparents — loved grandchildren, older kids — the long-awaited little brother and sister.

A woman and a man — creating from different planets

This touching moment is when you found out I was pregnant. From this joyful news bursting, the person does not leave a broad smile and want to shout to the whole world. Wait, the whole world is still time to learn about it, but for now share your joy with the second member of a conspiracy, the future daddy. Isn’t it — that he has the full right first, after you, of course, be dedicated to this mystery. But note the reaction of your loved one will largely depend on the form in which you will present this information. Usually, men need time to understand what happened.

Before you give a loved one about pregnancy, remind yourself once again that men and women being from different planets and not always understood each other.

Stories of misunderstanding between women and men very much. What she seems natural, it looks strange. What he seemed to be logical, she was puzzled.

The woman believes that the hint is quite transparent, and the man always need specifics! Well they are so arranged! And then — though offense, no offense though, more expensive. Here, for example, ask you spouse on a wedding anniversary out of anything …well that took our breath away. You will imagine Lacy underwear from the latest collection, well then, that recently saw in the store. Well, or a small ring with mA-a-a-Lyonka brillantina. And he will give you …the last generation iron with steam generator, aluminum sole and silicone Mat… And who is there to blame? But he said clearly “I Want a ring!” (underwear, dress, etc.), but still — visitoslo with the address of the store handed her spouse, who knows, things may have developed differently.

And with the news about the pregnancy. Almost all expectant moms look forward to, as favorite, having learned the joyful news, ashlee happiness, picks her up and will be circling-kiss, pelted with flowers, will fulfill every whim, to bring in the morning, coffee in bed… but no, not coffee, not now, it’s better brews green tea…

Stop! First, it is only imagination. Secondly, you haven’t even told my husband that he will soon be a dad! Thirdly, don’t even try to guess the favorite reaction to this news.

The main thing — do not think of the confusion, melancholy and indecision precious wife as a protest against the role of the father. Even if he thinks that now we need to do, believe me, “buy flowers” and “cruise wife in his arms” are somewhere in the end of the list. Mostly thoughts about housing and repair, new car (you’ll be more) and the costs that will increase with the advent of the baby. Men, unlike us women, being practical. Is that a bad thing?

Several original ways to tell her husband about her pregnancy

Ways to announce pregnancy to the child’s father a lot! A mini-survey showed that most moms just talk about the incident, choosing a good minute. But agree, this has to remain forever in the memory of both spouses, so think happy news original presentation. Tell you what— some examples from life.

* She put her husband Ivan in organizer a beautiful card and wrote: “Anyone want more? Your son or daughter?”

Ivan called back, explained everything, said, “whatever, just everything was good.”

* Irina ordered the husband Anton t-shirt with your own photo with a bikini and on her tummy — a picture of a toddler and the inscription: “I’m living here Now!”

Anton carefully saw the picture and immediately started to fall asleep Ira questions: when the baby’s born, what he is when the first ultrasound.

* Nadia bought two gift boxes in which to put blue and pink socks. Attached card reads: “Congratulations. Stork”. Put in the morning on her pillow, and she got up early and went to the kitchen.

Husband Igor woke up and immediately, without looking at cards, opened a “gift”. Did not understand, went to Nade into the kitchen, where she received appropriate instructions: first read, then print.

* Lena bought booties and put it in the hallway next to the shoes husband. When Sergei was going to work, he wondered what this ‘stuff’. Lena casually said, “Oh, that? Shoes of our future baby.”

In this day Sergey at work went… Gave his wife a large holiday home.

* Lily called Bor, asking after work to stop at the bookstore and buy books and magazines about pregnancy, childbirth, care of infants. Bob asked, “why? Who gives birth? Or are you already going?” Lily replied, “I gathered, and now it’s time for you to meet!”

In the evening Bob came with a cake, flowers, a huge package of printed publications “on a given topic” and a ring for his wife.

* Lena decided to arrange a photo session, she asked her husband Andrew to act as models. When a loved took a comfortable posture, Lena zagovorcheski tone said “smile, darling, I’m pregnant!”

The face of Andrew for a minute, gave a lot of emotions, but all of them managed to capture the restless inventor-wife. Then together they examined the expression of the future Pope.

* Oksana husband put the food in the transparent plate, and at the bottom of the dish with tape pasted a postcard with the news that he’ll be a dad. The husband had finished and saw directly in front of the message!

At first, he almost choked, then right with a full mouth began to say something, to ask, waving his arms.

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