The education of girls for centuries and millennia was due a lot of taboos and prejudices. According to surveys, mothers of girls is much less than mothers of boys tend to pedagogic experiments, at least in their early physical and intellectual development, not actively interested in contemporary trends in pedagogy.

The world through the eyes of girls

Get rid of the idea that boys and girls is the same thing that the male is always better than women or that men thoroughly wrong that women — a mistake of nature that being a representative of one of the sexes is better than the other, because one Paul kinder, smarter, nicer, stronger, more educated, witty, rational or weaker than another, that some are easier to educate, and to deal with other more difficult and so on and so forth.

We can’t properly comprehend what girls, because our society denies their features, suggesting that women should behave like men. Requirement immediately puts girls and women in an unequal position in society where they are judged by the extent to which they achieved independence, i.e. the ability vigorously to act alone against all and Sundry.

Our daughters inspires quite different, because they see the world in light of the relationship. Instead of striving for independence, girls looking for equal and interdependent relationship where you can give and receive, where people are actively interacting. Girls primarily looking for a way to make contact with other people, in order to combine efforts and not seek to use force to rule over the rest.

Girls themselves needing care, are constantly looking for the object of care, although make it immature and often contradictory.

“Little Princess”.

“The first child is the last doll,” says the proverb. But if this baby is a girl, but still cute, even in a large, loving family, just not the strength to break away from this exciting game. Lovely room and adorable toys, exquisite dresses and shoes. Even a poor family goes for any sacrifice to ensure a darling all the best. What’s the danger? Actually in such a family girl being imposed on her part was not less hard, than the family of the young “Cinderella”.

Mothers who were deprived of affection and beautiful things, strive to excess to make up for it in their daughters. Often their idea of the perfect childhood not drawn from real life, but from a fashion magazine or television series. “Princess” should play with dolls and wear fancy dresses. “Princess” is supposed to do ballroom dancing. “Princess” learning from the five, not running around barefoot and climb trees… shall I Continue?

But often, the “Princess” turns out to be a little soul robber: she poops panty, suits Indian wigwam in rosborough child and brings the street “junk”. Not every mother is ready to give up on your dreams because she knows best what is good for her daughter.

In the end the family for years to turn into arena battles, where maturing daughter will fight for their right to be herself. Isn’t it easier to be wise at the outset to concede? Perhaps, in the circle of technical modeling your daughter really will do better than in ballroom dancing? Do not be afraid, because to communicate with Tomboy in torn jeans may prove to be far more interesting than with the Prim miss, a personality which crushed my mother’s view of a happy childhood.

“Your guy”.

Sometimes, parents as if they do not pay attention to the fact that they have a daughter and not a son. Sometimes a girl without thinking about sexuality, just bringing up the same way as her brother. She plays with it in some games, his heavily pregnant with her things, on equal terms with his usual friends. Sometimes, sporty, energetic parents don’t want to bring in a girl “affectation”, to make it “muslin lady”. From an early age the little girl walks in the Hiking and pours ice water, is able to control the kayak and easily runs barefoot through the snow. Here-you will not find dolls and kruzhavchiki.

In principle, in a healthy upbringing there is nothing wrong, especially because in such families children are usually paying very much attention. But the girls, not being able to play role-playing with dolls, experience further problems in family life. After all, these games are a kind of training, during which “practiced” practical skills “adult life”, but also various types of family relations.

Often tied to the girl’s father absolutely does not want to accept awakens in her femininity. He resents her new “adult” hair and “tasteless” makeup, he “doesn’t like” her pals… If time does not suppress these feelings, it may come to drama: daughter running off with some guy on the street just to get away from his father’s dictatorship. Or will forever be “the guy”, which is fun to hike, but which, alas, nobody in their right mind would invite on a romantic date.

“Blue stocking”.

“Studying comes first — then entertainment”, “Nothing with the boys loafing, you have to do it”. In the name of a good cause the girl is taught that all that distracts from learning, is harmful and dangerous that the main asset is knowledge. It is absolutely not taken into account that for the normal development of the girl must not only get a certain set of knowledge, abilities and skills, but also learn how to be a woman. build relationships with the opposite sex. In the end, the girl is confused, telling her that the main thing in man’s appearance, and mind and soul that fashionably dressed only those who have nothing better to brag about. Fear of early marriage, the mother sought to instill daughter aversion to the opposite sex, fear of sex life.

In the end, “smart girl” in a modest dress and with strict hairstyle with its never-sleeping under my mother’s eye brilliantly finishes school… then College… then graduate school… and then to have her, it seemed that “serious relationship”, but only the willing can’t see: not having experienced adolescent love, not knowing how to draw attention to myself, not knowing how to emphasize strengths and hide the shortcomings of their appearance, and generally seeing to the men of hostile beginning, this lady runs the risk of forever being alone.

Years will pass, and your charming little girl will turn into a lovely young woman. Maybe she will become an actress or a mathematician, a model or a politician, or maybe just well get married and raise a bunch of babies… today the society does not restrict the girl in the choice of life. But it is important that she made this choice consciously and myself, and not continued into adulthood to play the role imposed on her by her parents, or not tried to build their lives in spite of them.

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