Proper upbringing of the child boy

Proper upbringing of the child boy is based on the peculiarities of its development, other than development of girls. It is necessary to consider the parents, as this will depend much later in life your son. It is very important to educate boys

In its development the boys go through three basic stages.

The first stage covers the period from birth to 6 years of age: the age at which the boy is the most developed psychological connection with her mother. This “her” boy, even if the father’s role in a child’s life is also high. Aim of education in this period is a big boy love and a feeling of complete security.

The second stage lasts from 6 to 14 years. During this period, the boy learns to be a man, eyeing father, to his interests and actions. The goal of education in this period: an increase of knowledge, development of creative abilities. We should not forget about the kindness and sincerity – that is, try to cultivate a harmonious personality.

In the third period – from 14 to adulthood – the boy needed an example of male teachers. Parents go by the wayside, but they should provide a worthy son of a mentor to his seat incompetent peer. The purpose of education at this stage is to teach responsibility and self-respect, actively pulling the teenager into adulthood. The main criteria in the selection of teachers should be security and sincerity.

These stages do not have sudden transitions or abrupt changes under the influence of a parent. Best option if parents must take an active part in the upbringing and education of his son from birth to adulthood. Stage only show the change of accents. Consider each stage separately.

Tender years (from birth to 6 years)

Babies are the same in one thing: be it a girl or a boy (it’s not important neither to the child nor his parents), they like when they often are in his hands, playing with them, they like to observe the world around us.

In this period of life it is necessary that the child felt a connection with at least one person. Usually it’s mom.

Some differences between boys and girls are identified at birth. Boys less than girls perceive the touch. Boys grow faster, more play, more sensitive to separation from mother. In the garden the boys usually ignore the new guys, and girls, on the contrary, notice them and make friends.

Unfortunately, adults often treat boys more harshly. Studies show that girls hug more often, even in non-verbal age. Boys more often and more painful punishment. Studies show that boys are worse tolerate separation, because boys are better to stay at home until the age of three. The manger? Boys often show signs of emotional distress from feelings of abandonment and worthlessness, as a result may develop aggressiveness and unhealthy anxiety, breaking into a neurosis. A similar model exists in some families and in school.

The knowledge of courage (6 to 13)

Around the age of 6 with the boys begin to see important change. Within them begins to Wake up the courage. Boys who watch TV for a long time, suddenly becoming interested in guns, dreaming of costume supermen, about the struggles and fights, playing noisy games. Happens and something more important, inherent to all cultures: about six years the boys begin to gravitate more to the male family members dad, grandpa, older brother. They always want to be with a man, learn from him something, to copy his actions, to imitate in all things.

If in this period, the father will ignore the baby boy, he can produce even inappropriate actions, just to get his attention. During this period, the child may start stealing, enuresis or disgusting behavior at school (sometimes all at once). However, this change does not mean that mom is leaving. The mother should not move away from the son, as this may convince the boy that associated with the mother’s feelings – love and affection – bring the pain.

He put himself and the curtain and then it would be difficult to Express warmth and affection to someone. Emotional isolation is subsequently very difficult to beat.

From boy to man (14 to adulthood)

From about 14 years begins a new stage of growing up. At this time, boys are significantly stretched in growth, many changes happening in the body: increase testosterone levels over 800%! Although all individuals have in this age something in common: the boys become more resistant, restless, frequent change of mood. So is the birth of a new personality, and birth is always going through the struggle.

Teen hormonal and physically committed to the adult world, but we subconsciously (and often consciously) want to keep him in the crib for a few more years, forgetting the proper upbringing. No wonder that in this period there are problems. At this age you need to raise the spirit of a teenager, to channel his creativity to give an opportunity to deploy the wings. All the troubles, alcohol, drugs, crime – come from the fact that children have no outlet for teenage thirst for heroism and glory. Every civilization has done on teenage boys and their upbringing emphasis. In ancient cultures stored knowledge that parents are unable to educate adolescent boys without the help of outsiders adults. Traditionally, adolescents took care of grown men who trained them in military science and craft.

Teen 14-16 years old is not ready to be alone with the adult world. He needs a teacher. Resistant Teens don’t always listen to their parents. The teacher is another matter. Teenager values it wants to be like him. The main task of the teacher to protect a teen from fatal mistakes. Parents should care about the choice of a worthy teacher. They can be one of your friends. He must be in intimate conversation with your son, to discuss the events.

Ideally, the teenager became a welcome guest in his house, then the teacher can, if necessary “to clear my mind.” the guy, and he can cry in his shoulder.

The five precepts n g the education of a child boy

1. Start education as early as possible. Participate in the care of the child since birth – it disciplines and changes priorities. This will help you to tune in with my son.

2. Take the time to communication from the heart. If the father all the time lost at work, this has a negative impact on children.

3. Do not hold back emotions. Children can and should embrace. Combine romps from quiet communion.

4. Rejoice in the achievements of their sons. If you spend time with them only out of guilt or through the duty of good will. Find things that appeal to you both.

5. Don’t forget about discipline. To set standards for baby boy should firmly and quietly, without physical punishment. Be sure to listen to the child and take into account their interests.

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