Relationship Problems from a lack of education?

I wonder why that happens, families are created, everything seems normal, but suddenly it turns out that the daughter-in-law hard headed husband does not allow her grandchildren to communicate with her mother in law, and even tells the kids that this grandmother a stranger to them?

Of course, I exaggerate a little, but still, a lot of similar situations. So, want to talk about the problems of education, advised me to Sofia in the comments on the article “How to behave with her mother in law” .

All relationship problems from a lack of education

We are all women, simultaneously, daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, mother-in-law or mother-in-law and many others. one of the shortcomings of education. And these shortcomings manifest themselves at any age, at any stage of life. About the problems of education is very well written in the blog “Love the environment” .

Then there are problems in the relationship with her husband, children, parents or in-law. And then someone getting sick from such relations. How to help everyone, I don’t know, although sometimes I think that would create a magic pill, which all would be well. But this does not happen and therefore, need to change their life, and most importantly, attitude to life and the situation in which you find yourself.

And this, I tell you, quite a difficult task. Because the mind is difficult to understand why the daughter-in-law does not allow the grandmother to communicate with their grandchildren, why is the mother-in-law ignores or grandchildren why the wife does not allow her husband to communicate with their parents. Although here we can add – why husband does not allow his wife to communicate with parents or why mother-in-law sometimes greatly influence their daughters and thereby ruining their lives.

If to say in one sentence, then all the problems in the relationship from a lack of education and not depend on the age of the person.

How do you change the situation? The easiest answer is to change your attitude to it. But, to just write and make it much more difficult. I’m not going to dig deep, I’m not a psychologist, but I can say one thing, we all have a set of some idealizations and life puts us in such conditions, when someone is this idealization destroys. Just recommend to read the books of A. Sviyash and other psychologists and healers. They will help to understand and accept the situation.

How to raise a daughter – future wife and sister-in-law?

And to avoid problems of education in women need to worry my parents about it. Of course, us adults women already do not alter and do not change if we ourselves do not want to change.

But many don’t want and thereby ruin the lives of others. But, perhaps this article will help modern moms, and they will raise their children and teach them these basic rules, like respect for elders, ordinary, everyday courtesy, independence in making any decisions. and when the children grow up, and respect to the family of the elect.

I sometimes think that most of the problems we are discussing here, blame the parents and in particular mothers daughters who, even after her marriage wouldn’t let them go and continue to manage their life and the life of the son-in-law and grandchildren.

And what do you think dear readers? What needs to change in your relationship with children, to avoid problems arising from a lack of education?

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