The Effect of indoor plants on health

Effect and curative effect of indoor plants on health, the human body. Probably no one will argue that the house is full of flowers, always comfortable in it safely and securely, an abundance of colors pleasing to the eye, warms the soul.

But few people know why this is happening. Why do colors affect our mood?It turns out that flowers are able to absorb the negative aura, highlighting the vibes of joy and happiness.

You may have noticed that some people flowers always grow well and not stopping bloom and others wither and die.

The fact is that if the house (apartment) living with at least one unfriendly person, the flowers merely are not able to process all the negative energy coming from him.

But, besides the different colors, it turns out, different specialization.

The effect of indoor plants on health

The cactus is simply irreplaceable in the house where frequent quarrels and disagreements.

If you really want peace and harmony, get the cactus, it will cool the anger and irritation. Another invaluable feature of this plain-looking plants – his ability to fight with the evil spirit. That’s why mages is recommended to install the cactus in those places where there is contact with the outside world at the door and on the window sills.

Ficus need to have those who really wants to have children and love to care for it.

Tradescantia – a universal remedy “evil eye”.

In your home is too many people? And not all of them friendly and honest? Get tradescantia, under her influence evil people will forget the way to your home. Tradescantia is a source of joy and inspiration. She is able to energize, to sharpen the sense of humor, to give hope. Among other things it keeps their owners from diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The fern should be sent out from home, to work, to give to someone, if you want to maintain good family relationships.

Money tree (crassula) – recommended accountants, salespeople, bankers – that is, those people who constantly has contact with money.

Not that jade was particularly conducive to enriching. It helps to cope with financial problems, relieves tension and excitement in people involved monetary settlement.

Chlorophytum – best air purifier, and it is desirable to place in each room.

Orchid – the healer.

It is believed that it is able to clean and heal even the most sensitive organism. Orchid will bring order to the mind, soothe, if needed, will give hope for a better, learn to enjoy life.

Different color orchids differ in their properties. Red – I supply power and energy, white – make a good man better yet, pink – give love the right person, yellow – bow to creativity.

Dieffenbachia – a very beautiful plant but poisonous. So you cannot put in the bedrooms and children’s rooms. Cutting off the leaves or the stalks, wash hands thoroughly with soap and make sure that the juice did not get into eyes or mouth.

Indoor bonsai establishes a relationship between the person and the subtle world of zapredelnosti.

Being in the room, they help to see prophetic dreams, visions of the future, to read the thoughts of others. They develop spirituality, sublimity. It is in society these plants it is best to meditate.

Room geranium. A lot of good words can be said about a house geranium (scientific pelargonium).

Maxim Gorky noticed that her loves and honors the common people, especially the artisans, for the fact that the leaves are able to absorb toxic air Laks and shoemaking workshops and even burn and damp.

Scientists have confirmed that the volatile flower really well with the microbes, and the scent of geranium can ease headaches, relieve fatigue, to normalize sleep.

Geranium serves as a determinant of health: if the smell of geranium unpleasant, you healthy, and if you like the overexcited nervous system needs to treat. Therefore, geranium – damper, good in the living room and the bedroom.

Monstera able to streamline and systematize the thoughts of his master, to break it down.

For those who have a perpetual mess in the house, she is simply irreplaceable. Good monstera and for those who are constantly obsessed with unworkable ideas, grabs the work for them. In addition, monstera prevents people from poisoning.

Azalea in the house creates a positive energy.

If you have a family there is no peace, constantly undergoing minor skirmishes over small things, Azalea will help you to restore the atmosphere of love and understanding. If you are a serious, impressive, Azalea and here will come to your aid. It will help to find the strength to resolve complicated issues.

The Cullen house is the source of vigor, and the enemy of depression.

It gives its owner the ability to eloquence, which helps the latter to make a career and gain respect and recognition. If someone in the family suffers from painful self-esteem, Calla and it will help get rid of this shortcoming.

Cyclamen – the peacemaker

It is able to stifle and negate the conflict, to calm cranky children. For women changeable entity is simply irreplaceable. Cyclamen helps to overcome complexes, isolation, shyness. This flower is able to give hope to the hopeless.

Flower cyclamen refers to “home amulets”. The ancient Romans believed that it protects from all evils. And besides, since the time of Hippocrates it treats female, gastrointestinal, neurological diseases, colds, gout, rheumatism.

But there are many other legends about the plants – the guardians and the helpers!

Aloe promotes prosperity at home and its inhabitants, their longevity.

Since ancient times, for example, was the custom in Egypt and the middle East to put aloe on the doors and Windows. Believed that this plant contributes to the prosperity of the house and its inhabitants, their longevity. And, apparently, true. Aloe Vera without water may last for several years and even blossom.

You can also remind about verbena, giving love and cheerful mood.

The strongest everones – the rhododendron – is used today by homeopaths when unwell just before the storm.

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