The Harmonious upbringing of children.

Child rearing is often perceived by parents as improvement of its quality, character and conduct. Although actually, the education of children is, first of all, the education itself. When the child grows, it begins to resist those demands, which the parents do not adhere to. A simple example: many parents forbid their children to smoke themselves and can not live a day without a cigarette. That is why, raising a child, it is important to begin to change your life, abandoning bad habits, lewd behavior and other “harmful”.

The process of raising children is work on yourself

What qualities should parents cultivate, to foster a harmonious, decent and loving children?

Patience. This is the most important quality of a good parent. Without patience it is impossible to perceive any crying infant toddler nor the whims of a teenager. If patience is not enough, quarrels, scandals and cries with your own child is the usual cause.

Don’t forget that patience from parents depends on mental and physical health of the child.When the child “hear” and “listen to” adult – he’s happy. But in order to “hear” you must be balanced and calm, no matter how you’re feeling and how the day went. Too emotional mom dad or blast is not the best example for a growing person. The time will come and you will begin to wonder why your child is so impulsive and cannot control myself. But the reason lies in you!

In the East it is believed that patience is a way of saving energy. And this is really so. People with great patience has high energy and a stronger physical health. So, developing this unique quality, you will notice how quickly things are changing in your life.

Honesty. It is very important in the relationship with the child to maintain integrity even in small things. No need to think that if it’s small, you can take your lies naively and thoughtlessly. Often, it is a lie parent undermines the child’s confidence in people and that feeling stays with him for life.

All children of a certain age is extremely honest. They do not understand that in society it is customary to hide the truth when it is not really pleasant. They are surprised to learn that if you tell the woman about her size – she’ll be offended. Bewildered, they are faced with flattery, with “lies” and other manifestations of social life in society.

No need to scold children when they are telling the truth. Just calmly explain to the child, in some cases, the truth is better not to speak.

Be sure to stick with words that you gave to the child. Since promised, we keep the promise no matter what. Children are very deeply about the unfulfilled promises of adults and long time can not forget the insult. In the view of the child, if you have not kept his word, he means for you – an empty space.

Unobtrusiveness. In order to deal with obsession, it helps to understand one simple thing – that way it is impossible to teach anyone anything. Why? Yes because man is essentially a highly organized creature that always questioned the information coming from the outside. It turns out that rejection of the imposed information is a defense mechanism that helps people to maintain mental health and self-confidence. So if you want to influence your child and achieve results, the obsession you must leave “behind the door”. It is very difficult. But in such “difficulties” is the ideal upbringing…

Flexibility. Principal parent – grief for children. In such a family there is no compromise and arrangements – only templates, stereotypes, attitudes and principles. In such conditions it is almost impossible to cultivate a harmonious person.

All children are completely different. Among them there are active and passive, cheerful and melancholy, sick and healthy… what is useful to one child, it is absolutely contraindicated to another. Only flexibility can help to find to each child individually.

Humor . In the modern world hard to live without a sense of humor. And especially, it is indispensable in the education of children. Rich stresses of modern life can break anyone who meets her with a smile. It is therefore essential to maintain a sense of humor in all situations. And the children, looking at you, will enjoy life and to achieve something new.

Interest . The most interesting profession on earth is to educate a new person.Every parent should be interesting to bring up their children. If there is no interest – it means parents are either too busy to think about it or consider child rearing is hard work.

The ability to relax. Finally, parents need to be able to relax and devote time to yourself, loved ones. After all, a calm and happy parents is the dream of every child. Men can distract from the daily routine, regular visits to the bath, which, incidentally, will not only soothe the nervous system and improves physical health. And women always need to find time to care for themselves. For example, take a hot bubble bath or rose petals, to make relaxing or tightening face mask, drink a glass of fruit cocktail and a romantic dinner. Dear parents, don’t forget to spend time together: walking in the Park, dinner at a restaurant, sharing crazy things – all of these is additional ways of raising children. Because looking at your strong and lasting relationship, children will believe that everything in this life is possible, that there is only a bright future, filled with happiness, love and understanding.

The process of parenting will go more smoothly and harmoniously, if you stop for a moment and ponder that in your hands is a beautiful creature that came into this world thanks to you. This little man is not yet sufficiently familiar with the world, and only in your power to give him the most exciting journey called “happy childhood”.

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