The Relations of Bazarov’s parents

The novel “Fathers and sons” is rightly plays a leading role in the works of I. S. Turgenev. This work was created in the era of radical transformation and change in Russian society. After political reaction 50-ies in public life is the rise of the democratic movement, the principles of which drastically changed compared to those that prevailed before. In literary circles too noticeable recovery lead authors they seek to reflect in the works of his vision of a “new” person who had definite views on the further development of society. Show a representative of the new generation — that is the task set himself Turgenev. As embodied his idea in the novel “Fathers and children”. For example, the image of Bazarov, the author showed the most typical features of common-Democrats of the 60-ies.

The protagonist of the novel is tragic in all.

Adhering to nihilistic attitudes, the Souks in life deprive yourself many. Denying the art, it deprives itself of the possibility to enjoy it.

Bazarov is skeptical about love and romanticism, it is extremely rational and materialistic.

“Bazarov was a great lover of women and to feminine beauty, but love in the sense of the ideal, or, as he called it, a romantic, was called rubbish, unforgivable foolishness, believed chivalrous feelings sort of deformity or disease. ” “You like a woman — he said, — try to make sense; but you can’t — well, don’t turn away — the earth is not making. ”

Bazarov was failing to love and be loved, to create a family and to achieve personal happiness.

Because of their critical views of people (“All men are alike both body and soul. ”) it is difficult to find the interesting interlocutor and get pleasure from communication with anyone.

One of the major tragedies in the lives of Bazarov is loneliness. The protagonist has no true ally, as none of the people around him, not able to feel nihilistic ideas. Even Archie, who is trying outwardly to seem his soul mate, not sure of the validity of this theory. Relationship with Bazarov’s parents, too bad. Although the main character and loves them, but largely does not approve of their lifestyle, and even condemned. That is why the impression that Bazarov and his parents “speak different languages”, they can’t feel and understand each other. His love for the woman the main character is unhappy, she had unrequited and tragic.

A feeling in his soul, despite the fact that he denies even the possibility of its existence. Bazarov tries to fight arose in his heart with love, but it’s useless. He, with all his ideas, does not withstand “the test of love.” After meeting with Odintsovo in the soul and worldview Bazarov is experiencing significant changes, his judgment questioned. He is not rigid in his views, as before, he begins to waver. In the shower Bazarov is born of the tragic conflict, which must somehow be resolved.

The explanation with Odincovo the climax for the novel, it was his last attempt to find happiness and understanding.

Complete collapse, which occurs in the Outlook Bazarov, is evident in his conversation with Arkady. The main character no longer feels himself a “master in the workshop of nature” and compares himself to a grain of sand in a vast world. Bazaars do not consider it necessary to achieve its mission to “clear the space” to build a new society. “Well, he will live in the white house, and me burdock will grow, Oh, and then”

Bazarov apparently came too early in the society, he claimed his age. This explains his tragic death at the end of the novel.

With the passing of the related resolution of the conflict in the soul of the hero. Death of a giant, who is aware of his power, this once again underlines the tragedy of his image. Before leaving life in the soul Bazarov comes some sort of reconciliation, he ceases to hide their feelings and changes in attitudes, he shows his true attitude to the people, the tender love of parents.

In his novel Turgenev stressed that the right to tragedy belongs only strong nature, which, in his opinion, is the Souks.

The author creates a sense of the tragic ending, because the ending epically calm, the narrative goes in a philosophical direction. Turgenev wanted to show the value of life and that, despite the death of the hero, life goes on.

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