Children are a reflection of their parents.

In our days there are many social problems: at-risk students, orphans, alcoholism all age categories of the population, drug addiction, dependency on tobacco, crime, violence, etc. I decided to take the social problem from which all other problems in society. This is the problem of improper training, unfavorable climate in the family.

Really, what is the probability that in a family where neither mother nor father doesn’t drink, raise a man who in the future will suffer from alcoholism? Or what is the probability that in a family with a favorable climate, full of mutual understanding, respect, equality, warm it a difficult child, prone to various kinds of offences?

By choosing this theme, I decided to find out how true to the theory that children repeat the behavior of their parents, build their relationships within the family, as did their parents, are strongly influenced by the upbringing in the family for future life of man, and what can cause error parents.

The child learns

He sees himself in the house.

Parents are the example of him!

Who when wife and kids are rude,

Whom the language of debauchery telegram,

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Adaptation of parents to the child’s disability.

From life position of parents directly affects the health of the child with disabilities. This article will analyze the challenges faced by parents of special children, try to see the problems with our feelings and ways of coping with the situation.

First, consider the challenges facing parents. It is known that a family with a disabled child goes through a series of crises.

1. The first crisis happens when parents learn that their child has a disability.

2. With the second crisis you may encounter a child with disabilities of school age, when it appears that the child will not be able to attend mainstream or even in a special school.

3. The third crisis coincides with adolescent psycho-physiological and psycho-emotional crisis of a child. At this stage the child becomes aware of his disability. The crisis of the child is added to the crisis “mid-life” parents.

4. Fourth crisis period – planning for the future life of young men: career, employment, furnishing family. This is an important stage of development of the child with the disability and the crisis is experienced most acutely.

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Cheat sheet For Parents

Parenting — focused activities, designed to develop in children a complete system of personality traits, attitudes, and beliefs. In the proposed books You najdete a lot of advice on education and teaching of their children.

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1. Adler – outsmart the kid

2. Alesani, Streltsova – Nine months and all jizni birth of the new Millennium

3. Andreev – a Frank conversation, or conversations about life with my son is a senior at the limit of possibilities

4. Achilov, Ivanova – Harmony with detstva how to give your child a beautiful figure

5. Afonin – Healthy and happy child. Let the duckling will become a Swan!

6. Bayard – Your troubled teen. A practical guide for desperate parents

7. Balyko – NLP for parents. 11 laws effective education of the adolescent

8. Barkan – Bad habits of good children

9. Bauer – Life without diapers

10. Bashkirov – First aid for children. Guide for the whole family

11. Bashkirov is Planned rebenka everything you need to know young parents

12. Belova, Ohanyan is the path to the child’s health

13. Berdnikova – Pregnancy – week by week

14. Bernard – 100 simple ways to put a child to sleep

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The Basis for the upbringing of children must be love
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The relationship between husband and wife?
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Parents, children, school
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