Twins in the family

Multiple pregnancy is a special state for each woman. But in nature it occurs everywhere, is not something out of the ordinary and well studied by scientists. Therefore, it is very to worry about it not worth it, because the birth of a baby is a great joy, but the birth of twins is doubly the joy.

But twin children bring and twice the hassle. So moms and dads, it is very important to know how to develop them and to educate. The twins are very friendly, are always together that has a significant impact on their development. Often kids are so similar to each other that parents are not always able to distinguish between them. Many mothers and fathers wear them equally, raise them as a single unit, but this approach is fundamentally wrong.

Features of parenting twins

A single mom is difficult to care for two newborns, so part of the Pope will not be superfluous. It can help with everything, except, of course, breastfeeding. Dad can swaddle, walk with the twins and play with them, allowing the mother to relax.

From an early age try to teach kids to day regimen and maintain a certain feeding schedule. To bathe the children need on a daily basis, but do it at the same time is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, divide the responsibilities. While mom is bathing one child, dad can play with others. When the evening finished bathing, kids need to be put to bed.

Better not to put twins in different cots. They may be more comfortable to be together.

As growing up, the twins learn to talk by imitating not only the speech of adults and each other. Therefore, those errors in speech, which is one of the babies, will certainly appear in the other. So you need to be patient and try many times to repeat correctly incorrectly pronounced words.

Of course, the kids are very attached to each other. But they can compete with each other, including the love of parents. Therefore, for the proper education we need to teach them to share with each other not only toys, but also your attention. Try to give them equal amount of attention to none of them felt slighted.

Never compare children with each other in their presence. It will only strengthen the competition. For example, when you praise one, no need to compare his achievements with the success of another – only with his own. Do not scold one, while praising the other. By following this rule, you will help children to avoid quarrels and fights among themselves.

By the way, corporal punishment in the upbringing of children-the twins are absolutely unacceptable. It will be hard to understand why you don’t allow them to fight each other, but at the same time allow myself to spank them. By the way, if children are in conflict, try not to interfere too. Do it only in the most extreme cases. There is a paradox – the less the parents pay attention to fights and skirmishes, the less the twins do.

Many parents make a very common mistake is to relate to them not as individuals but as a United whole. Of course, the twins are almost indistinguishable in appearance, but at the same time can have very different personalities and personal qualities. While they are very small, valid and identical clothes and one for two day mode. But, growing up, they gradually become personalities, so this approach needs to change.

As for toys, choose them so that one was another addition. Identical dolls or cars do not need. It is best to buy these toys, so the kids could change them, play in turn. Let each of them have their toys, this will teach children to share, to change.

Only the rule should not be applied to skates, rollers, bicycles, skis. Here it is necessary to buy every item in two copies. Agree, pretty unpleasant to watch as a child riding her bike, and the other waits for its turn.

When choosing gifts or clothing, consider the taste of each child. Definitely for the holidays and birthday give children different, individual gifts, and not one for two. The same applies to birthday cake. It is better to buy or to bake two small cake than one for two big. So each child will feel its importance.

If they don’t want, don’t make them a force to one club or the sports section. Learn their preferences: Maybe one of them likes to draw and sing, and another wants to attend dance classes. Because they are so different. One can be a humanist and the other in the future will show aptitude for the exact Sciences.

Give them more independence, because sooner or later, they will have to live separately from each other. Excessive dependence twins can be a hindrance in the future adult life. It will be harder to get a job, harder to create a family.

However, when children go to school, take them to different schools is not necessary. First-grader already under great stress. Because he is detached from parents and family. If to deprive him still and close, loved one – a brother or sister, the stress will many times stronger.

And of course, the most important thing in raising children-twins is the love, care and attention of parents. Let them feel that they are equally dear to you, and you equally like both of you in each of the children see the personality, healthy personality. In this case, you will raise them properly.

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