What if the child grows greedy

The origins of greed should be sought, primarily, in educational methods dads and moms. Let’s look at how we need to educate the greedy man that child became a kind person.

As growing children greed is a manifestation of the greed of the child at different stages of age

The unwillingness to share their toys, clothes and even food notice your kids many parents. Often mothers have to blush for their crumbs in the house or on the Playground when a small screaming meanie peers “will Not give!” and hides behind a shovel or a machine. Or hiding my toys from my brother (sister), categorically not wanting to share things even “not for long, just play”. What are the reasons?

1.5 to 3 years. At this age the concept of “own/alien” the baby has not yet formed. Because now the child belongs to the whole observable world.

2 years kid have consciously utters the word “mine!” and stop talking about yourself, your favorite, in the 3rd person. This means that began the first serious stage of psychological development of the child. Now he forms a picture of himself and begins to establish the boundaries separating the “ours” and “theirs”. The word “mine” from a child is a sign of personal space, including all that expensive baby. This is a natural process of the formation of the psyche and the emergence of the concept of “alien”. Accordingly, and to scold the baby at this age for greed not need.

To 3 years the child acquires the ability to say “no”. In the absence of this ability, the baby will be hard to “balance” at an older age. The inability to say “no” leads to indulging the whims of other people to their detriment, for borrowed money, which then months (or years) are asked to return, and other consequences. Learn to say “no” is important. But it is also important to teach the child to clearly track the brink – where it is a natural reaction to the actions of others becomes greed.

After 3 years begins a new stage of socialization. On the foreground of communication. Toys and personal belongings become tools, binding is communication. To the baby comes the realization that sharing is to conciliate the people, and to be greedy is to set them against themselves.

At the age of 5-7 years greed is inner disharmony baby, indicating internal problems. Parents should “dig deeper” to understand and, above all, in their methods of education.

Main reasons of greed in children: so why is a child a greedy man?

To “cure” greed, you need to understand where it came from. Experts identify several main reasons:

The child lacks parental love, attention, warmth. Often little meanie grows in families where the manifestation of love is another gift from a too-busy parents. Baby, yearning for the attention of mom and dad, perceives them as gifts especially valuable, and in this case, greed is a natural (but wrong!) the consequence of the situation.

Jealousy of brothers (sisters). Most often the younger. If the brother (sister) gets more attention and parental affection, the child automatically expresses his resentment manifestations of greed and aggression against brother (sister).

The excess of attention and parental love. Of course, parental love is never too much, but allowing the child (from the cradle), and satisfying his every whim, mom finally brings up the little tyrant. And even if you stop indulging his whims – it doesn’t change the situation. The child just does not understand – I’ve been everything, and now nothing?

Shyness, indecision. Only friends fettered in the fellowship of the baby – it’s his toys. With them, the child feels safe. Therefore, and share them baby, of course not.

Excessive frugality. This is the case when the baby is so concerned for the safety and integrity him expensive toys that did not allow anyone to play them.

What to do, how to deal with greed child – practical tips for parents

How to treat baby greed? What should parents do? Experts share their recommendations:

A small child always says everything is new, beautiful and “brilliant” from their peers and friends. And, of course, requires the same for themselves. Moreover, to necessarily match the color, size, taste, etc. Should not immediately fly to the store and to satisfy the whim of crumbs: a 5 years old baby will require the same as the other bike in 8 years – the same computer, in the 18 – car. The snowball effect is provided. Explain to the child from the cradle – what to buy and what is not, why not all desires can be fulfilled, why harmful envy, and greed. Teach your baby to accept the world for what it is, appreciate the work of others.

Gently and calmly explain to the child why he feels such a sense of why greed is bad, why is it important to share. Teach it in a timely manner to recognize emotions, to separate the negative from the positive and stop when the bad feelings start to prevail over good.

Bookmark moral values lasts up to 4-5 years. In 10 years it will be too late to fight the tyrant inside the child that you created or did not finish.

Don’t blame and scold a little greedy – eliminate the causes that lead to his greed. Don’t let your fear of “Oh, what people think” — think about the child, he will have to live with this greed in society.

Do not overdo themselves clearly and greed separate the child from its normal natural desire to protect their territory, to defend their rights or their individuality.

You cannot take your baby a toy and give it to the whimpering toddler from the sandbox against the will of their child. A child is considered tantamount to treason. You need to explain to the child why it is important to share, and to make the kid wanted to do it.

Teach your child by example: help those who need help, feed the abandoned animals in the kennels, share with your baby all – piece of cake, thoughts, housework and leisure.

Do not hang on the crumbs the label “greedy” and do not bend to demonstrate their rejection of this feeling. “You’re a meanie, I’m not friends with you today” is the wrong approach and the usual parent manipulating the child. The kid in this situation is willing to do anything her mom loved him. In the end, the educational goals were not met (child “ceases to be greedy,” from the banal fear), and inside the baby grows insecure man.

Any child to understand any situation need motivation. Be ready always to explain to the kid what is good and what is bad in this “submitting” to your child is interested in, understand and draw conclusions.

Not Studite child with others – “everyone will think you’re a meanie, AI-Yai-Yai!”. This is also the wrong approach. So you are raising a person who will depend on the opinions of strangers. Why would the child think about him going to think? The child must think about to myself to be honest, kind and helpful.

Prepare the child before a walk or a hike to visit that “there will be kids”. Bring along toys that he doesn’t care to share.

Tell the child about the pros and cons: about the joys of sharing toys, that kind stingy man always happy to talk to them, and the greedy not like to play, etc. Give examples of “personal experience”. The main thing – do not “poke” the baby, talk about a hypothetical “third person” to think that you minuete, but realized that greed is bad.

If your toddler hides toys in his bosom, and others takes pleasure in, explain that such “sharing” is not honest.

Give your child a watch and learn to understand the time periods. If the baby so much afraid that the toy will break or not return, then specify the time within which “Masha play a machine and give”. Let your child decide – on-5 minutes or half an hour he changes toys.

Praise your child for his kindness. Let him remember that mom is happy when he shares his toys, or when helps outsiders to children and adults.

Teach your child to respect other people’s desires (i.e. other people’s boundaries and personal space). If a friend of your kid doesn’t want to share his toys is his right, and this right should be respected.

If the kid wants to walk your favorite car on the Playground and absolutely no plans with anyone to share, bring your toys, your child will not have to worry. Let him choose it himself.

Remember that greed is normal for toddlers. Over time, if you become crumbs for a good teacher, greed goes away. Please be patient. Growing up, the child will see and feel the positive impact of good deeds, and support and encouragement for mom and dad even more will strengthen the understanding that it operates properly.

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