What is the suggestion

The essence of the suggestion is that in the subconscious or in your own subconscious mind is called specific performance. In this way you can affect their own feelings, at will, in their critical abilities.

The more and stronger the idea, the easier it is to impose it to another person and the longer will be its action.

If you call such a state in another person, we are talking about the suggestion of a third person, if of itself — we call it autosuggestion.

However, the suggestion of another person, to become effective, must first be included in our understanding and thereby to be converted into self-hypnosis. In other words, any suggestion one way or another — self-hypnosis.

The processes of the subconscious

Thus, we fix: suggestion never happens on a conscious level, it can be effective only if by auto-suggestion, it will be converted into a visible representation. All processes are the essence of hypnosis is the result of suggestion or autosuggestion.

One scholar has taught several subjects that they drank a liter of fluid, although they are actually not drank a single drop. However, almost all allocated per liter of urine more than normal. This experiment shows how deeply ingrained under hypnosis representation penetrates into the functions of our body.

At first, a figurative representation, and then follows the execution. All kinds of suggestions — from hypnosis to the suggestion in the waking state and hypnosis is but a manifestation of our own faith.

With this we are dealing with hypnosis. And here a suggestion to another person or self-hypnosis is accepted or rejected, i.e. they believe or don’t believe.

Thus, it all comes down to the installation of the hypnotized person and, therefore, to force the beliefs of the hypnotist. He must know exactly what he wants, and packaging that will in plastic, shaped clothes.

People with the gift of suggestion

There are people who have the gift of persuasion. Confident in her ability to convince others. The man who does not believe in himself, nor can he expect that others will believe it.

Professor S. Baudouin says: “the Suggestion is unconscious realization of the idea”.

Famous psychologist Fritz Lambert says: “anything that affects our soul, is pusenje, because in that moment, when we are exposed to spiritual influence, there is faith.”

Conscious and unconscious suggestion

Our whole life is influenced by conscious and unconscious suggestions. If this were not so, the advertisers would have nothing to do. However, not only are we constantly testing outside influence, but their influence and to ourselves. This self-hypnosis or zamowienie plays a big role, because the idea of personhood and thereby determines a person’s fate.

For this reason, you should drive away negative thoughts and certainly not to say anything bad about yourself. With the emergence of some negative thought replace it immediately to a positive before it will harm.

While we don’t keep our thoughts under control, until we realize the incredible power of our ideas, we are their helpless victims. But in our own hands to use with the help of thoughts that can manage this power in accordance with our desires. To exercise conscious suggestion means to educate himself in the submission, the feasibility of which we believe.

And a smart man will not try to implement unenforceable.

Whoever owns the laws of suggestion, not only avoid trouble, but also achieve considerable success.

To inspire only what you can imagine

In the formulation of suggestion is very important to have an idea of the power of imagination of the person that is affected, because the suggestion will be effective only if transformed into a clear visual impression.

The picture that we imagine

The language known to our subconscious mind, operates not with words but with pictures, and the sound volume in this case is the emotion, the picture accompanying. Only what we can imagine, can have an impact.

Let’s imagine, for example, that with every breath we get fresh strength. Imagine further that these forces are distributed over the body and fill you completely. When you exhale let’s imagine that with exhaled air emitted from the body all bad, used up, worthless. After a dozen deep breaths, we see how quickly the suggestion starts to affect.

Not forget that the suggestion may be totally unrelated logic. There are many suggestions that are very effective and absolutely illogical. Logic no suggestion is success, the excellence of pictorial representation. Everyone has the ability to believe, because every person is suggestible.

The most reliable way to increase the action of suggestion is repetition. The suggestion must be worded clearly and unambiguously, because he literally follow it. In one session you should not use more than three suggestions, better them many times to repeat.

Learn to succeed

We must learn to be successful. Success begins with a pictorial representation of him. I should say that you can learn and failure: if you you identify yourself with your weaknesses, if you keep talking to yourself: I don’t know how, but I can’t take it, it does not suit me, it’s not my fault — then there will be a loser and still is.

I hypnotized person through suggestion with the appropriate emotional experiences can cause abrupt acceleration of heart rate, increased blood pressure, the active selection note, the crying after a few seconds, replaced by laughter and a great mood. With the help of suggestion can affect such involuntary functional processes such as deep breathing, improved digestion, childbirth, occurring without pain, insomnia.

The effectiveness of suggestion depends on many factors:

The identity of the hypnotist

The identity of the hypnotist exerts the strongest influence on hypnotized person. This effect occurs not only through the spoken word, although, of course, extremely important, and as has been said. The behavior of the hypnotist, his clothes, gestures, and above all his inner confidence greatly increase or decrease the effect of suggestion.

The hypnotized person

The suggestion is formulated so that it was based on the ability of the inspired to imagine the scene vividly. What for one person is having a tremendous impact, may be for another colorless impression.

The content of suggestion

If the content of the suggestion is in conflict with the personality of the inspired, its implementation becomes impossible. Not only a form of suggestion, but first of all its contents must answer the nature of the inspired person.

Direct and indirect suggestion

The suggestion may be direct or incidental-to the bathroom. Direct suggestion is often swept aside by the consciousness, while indirect easily pass censorship slingshot critical mind, it is perceived easier and easier for him to follow.

If after a busy day, say to yourself: “Now I will count to three and I’ll be fresh as a cucumber,” the suggestion might not work, because the consciousness is unlikely to accept such rapid resuscitation.

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