What to do if child eats breast milk?

What most often nursing mother thinks when she hears the cry of a newborn baby? Most likely, this: “Poor thing, he is hungry!” And running towards him, eager to satisfy this first instinctive need of a little helpless creatures. It was thousands of years before us, is and always will be.

Banal story

Unfortunately, not always the modern woman turns to feed the baby to the full, say, “excellent”. For example, a typical situation. A baby crying almost non-stop, before feeding restless and near the breast naughty. And his mom told that the child eats breast milk. In fact, the mother is basically saying: “Your child is still hungry, you need to urgently seek to solve something”. But how so? Why the child does not have enough milk? Got any mother’s heart falter.

And starts the inevitable: the search for the causes of half-starved children living-being, feelings of guilt and self-torture. And the conclusion, most often, mom does like this: “I’m a bad nurse, my Breasts are “non-dairy”, the kid need to save is an urgent need to Supplement with formula or even to feed from a bottle!”

Now this happens very often. And it’s a shame that mothers easier to believe in the word of so-called “experts”, to stop breast feeding and put the baby to feed from a nipple. And what would be better in this case? Only, the mother – to pull myself together, settle down and establish a full-fledged work of the breast.

Where is the jelly?

Most often, by the end of the first month of a baby and nursing mom with joint efforts set the frequency of feedings and the time of rest. It is the result of concerted action of two important hormones in a woman’s body – prolactin and oxytocin.

Prolactin begins to develop in the breast when her baby sucks. The amount of the hormone directly depends on how you put your baby to the breast correctly the baby grasps the nipple with my mouth. Full hormone “works” a few hours after suckling. And the biggest “trick” of prolactin in the fact that the peak of its production falls at night time, i.e. 3-5 hours a night.

Oxytocin is responsible for milk flow from the breast. He also begins to develop when the baby begins to suckle. That’s why, if a child is sucking on one of mom’s breast, the second is also flowing droplets of milk. The number of oxytocin depends on the emotions of the mother. Already when looking at the baby at the right time a woman feels like arrives and milk flows from the breast.

From this short explanation, as there is milk in the breast of a woman, followed by top tips for nursing mothers.

Tip number 1.

Mom needs to be configured positively. Mom basal metabolism. Mom needs to think about yourself and the baby, about the benefits of breast milk for child health. You need to ask the spouse, the environment, all family and they supported the desire of women to continue to feed. And for some time assumed the responsibilities of the household.

Tip number 2.

Always carefully monitor the correct application of the child to the breast. If at first, the baby is not able to capture the nipple properly, help him, teach. If the child will do everything correctly, mother’s nipples will remain intact, which means the chest will be workable for a long time.

Tip number 3.

To feed the baby at night is desirable. This stimulates the release of hormones at a sufficient level. So milk the baby to be missed. But, of course, if your kid is sleeping, especially for feeding’t Wake.

Tip number 4.

Mom we must not forget that she has two Breasts. It’s just. But many women, some known only to them convinced that keeping the baby from one breast no more than 15-20 minutes, and to the second breast won’t even let him touch her. Give your child the breast, do not be afraid! He knows when enough is enough. If the child willingly drank fully from one breast, to try to give him the second breast is possible and useful. But it is important to remember that the next feeding first have to be “unfinished” chest.

Tip number 5.

To establish the mode of drinking and good nutrition. Breast milk only of milk is unlikely to succeed. Even the cows and goats all the hard work! A breastfeeding woman should not sit on diets, you see it is urgent to lose weight and reset recruited during the pregnancy pounds. The mother’s diet should be high in calories, rich in calcium. Need to drink a lot and often, not less than 2.5 liters of fluid per day. It really helps to drink a glass of any beverage 2-3 minutes before applying a little to my chest. Then the woman herself can feel how quickly comes the milk. You can drink tea, compote of fresh or dried fruit, milk.

Tip number 6.

All right – my mother! A nursing mother must take the path to full physical contact with the baby, that is their own to spend with him all the necessary manipulations. And a lot to communicate, to speak with the child in a soothing voice. He felt the mother, then looked down again at the feeling of warmth and security, both during fetal development.

So, the basic principle that must be followed by any nursing mother, if her claim that the child eats not breast milk, is the belief in yourself. If you believe that milk will arrive, it will arrive. But if in doubt and thus inactive, the child will forget your breast very quickly.

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