Why is the baby crying?

Many young mothers are faced with the same problem. They are away from baby Cribs, to prepare Breakfast. to freshen up, clean the apartment, both from the nursery starts to reach a disgruntled whimper. Soon the discontent go into a silent cry, which then develop into unrestrained scream. How to respond to such discontent kid? How to handle it? How to stop being nervous and rid the child from such unrestrained weeping?

Our mothers and grandmothers rather philosophically treated like cry baby. They believed that if the baby cries, it means he is developing. During the Creek are actively developing lungs. Consequently, when the training of the internal organs is over, your baby will stop crying.

However, modern medicine puts forward other hypotheses. Today it is considered, if the child is crying, so he asks you for help, so he feels uncomfortable. As psychologists say. Parents need to respond to every cry baby. Don’t be afraid to spoil your child. Up to one year to spoil it impossible. You will either develop his confidence in his own defense, or create a field around the baby fear, when he will understand that in the moment of danger to him no one would answer. If you are attentive parents, then over time you will learn to distinguish the cry of a baby. You’ll know when he roars, if he wants to drink or eat when it is time to change a diaper when he just wants your attention.

As a rule, most often the child cries if he’s hungry. Natural, useful and necessary power it is the mother’s breast milk. Moreover, while breastfeeding is a natural contact of the infant with the mother. Today, doctors claim that there is a certain system of feeding the baby. Nature itself will tell you how often a child needs to eat. As soon as he wants milk, he will know about it through crying.

Also physical contact of the child with the mother is of great importance. When a baby is in contact with the skin of a loved one, feels her hands, he feels calm and secure. No wonder in Africa (some cities), when mothers hear the cry of their baby, they take him up and immediately give the Breasts. Children of America and Western Europe, according to opinion polls, cry more often. This is due to the slow reaction of the mother. Later, these children grow up to be nervous, irritable, inadequate.

According to many sociologists, the baby cries when he wants attention from his mother. At the time when the baby is quiet, you pay attention to it very rarely. When baby starts crying, you immediately go to his bed. So the little man understands that to achieve your attention is possible only by means of crying. Try to pay attention to your baby even when he is calm, talk to him, take his hands, stroking his back and tummy.

The great rallying cry of a baby consists of alternating periods of screaming and pauses. If you will not pay for the child’s attention, you will notice that over time, the period of pauses becoming shorter and longer crying.

Go to the child, pick him up, move your hand, first the back, then on her tummy and handles. Try to do the movements in a clockwise direction. If the child does not stop crying, then hold him close, rocking. At this point, the baby opens the mouth, shakes his head, primative, he wants to eat. Why this is seen right at this moment? You brought the baby to the breast. he felt the smell of your breast milk and started looking for where he can taste something tasty.

If the baby is hungry, the weeping begins with the military, then it becomes demanding, then the child begins to cry rampant, choking cry. Most importantly the mother’s behavior in the moment when the baby cried – to give him the breast. If a child is crying in your arms, then try to wiggle, and then to feed. Your baby is not settling down, not breastfeed? Then you should look for other causes of his discontent.

Toddler worried. Very often fatigue or discomfort are the cause of the crying baby. If your child wants to sleep, his crying is accompanied by a yawn. The child at this time, closes his eyes, rubs them with her hands. In order to calm the child in this case, you need to shake the crib or stroller, soothe your baby with lullabies. Remember that mother’s voice soothes baby best. If your baby suddenly became cold or hot, it also expresses discomfort through crying. To identify these types of discomfort in several ways. Touch the tip of the nose of the baby. To should touch the back of your hand. The skin there is much more sensitive and tender. If the skin on the nose is warm, then your child is crying, not because he feels discomfort from heat or cold. If the nose is hot and sweaty, then you need to remove with baby one more layer of clothing, flip it to the back could get fresh air. If you and your child are at home, strip him, give fluids. If the nose is cold, it means your baby is cold. The surest sign that the child is cold, hiccup is active.

Also you can touch the handle of the baby, to determine the General temperature of the body. Just don’t touch the handles or wrist. Better touch the forearm. At a time when your child is hot, his hands can be cool. Therefore, determine the temperature on the forearm, make sure to determine the cause of discomfort.

Wet diaper. Quite often, the child feels a sense of discomfort because he has a wet diaper. As a rule, before the time of urination baby can make a whimper or squeak. If a child feels that he does not assist, his discontent turns into a scream. In this case, the longer you ignore the cry, the more likely to get skin irritation. Many parents report that the baby crying is repeated every evening at the same time. For example, each time at six o’clock the baby starts to cry. This kind of discharge of the body from negative energy, anger that has built up over the day. In this case you need to take the baby in his arms, rocking him and singing a lullaby. In the evening the child is already tired enough, therefore, he will fall asleep easily and simply. Also, the child may act up due to the fact that hyperalert during the day and in the evening can’t sleep.

Negative atmosphere in the family can also be the reason for baby’s crying. When parents quarrel, the child will always cry. Also, the baby will not be able to calm down, if his mom is excited or alarmed.

So you daily, while the child is growing, you just need to be happy. calm and unruffled, so that your baby grow up healthy and beautiful.

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