Why the child cannot hear you?

Sometimes, parents think that their child is absolutely not to hear. They ask the question, what could cause this? Maybe he just pretends? Maybe. But for what reason?

Experience shows that the reasons are not so much. Aside from health, there are only three.

First of all, fear . Remember yourself in a situation where you are afraid of someone or afraid to look bad in the eyes of someone. What you are experiencing? You seem to get stupid in the eyes. Forget the words, right thoughts, usually come much later than necessary. The same thing is happening with the child. If a parent is very demanding or irritable or very concerned about the progress of their child, the child may simply be afraid. Afraid to upset, to fear, to anger, to fear to disappoint.

The second reason may be lack of interest. The child may be busy with something else. If you think that child soldiers should switch attention to you first, think of yourself. Throwing an interesting conversation on the phone first? Why are children we are waiting for something else? It would be absurd if children from infancy been accustomed to drill according to the rule “the Parent is always right!” However, some parents do.

The third reason is a protest. Protest against hyperopic, regular observations and explanations. It can be pronounced “Well, mom!” or a silent “I just can’t hear you”. What do we, as parents, when you find yourself in such situations? Often angry or discouraged: “What might grow out of?” Doesn’t implode. Respect will not appear out of nowhere. While the child is small, it is easy for us to put pressure on him and make it do what we want. However, when he grows up, and realize that maybe us not to depend on the press pressure is gone, and a respect for both was not, and never will.

What to do if you already can’t hear. First of all, to determine the cause.

If you see fear in the eyes of a child and tension throughout the body, you need to direct your efforts to remove this fear. For example, to lower their demands. Parents often punish their child for wrong behavior, should be prepared for the fact that the child will be afraid. And fear, as we know, a bad adviser. For such parents, the child is primarily the object of education, and not an individual.

The cause of fear of the child can also be a restriction of freedom of action because of the fear of the parent for the safety of the baby. The child becomes accustomed to rely on the advice and the ability to try as he would atrophies for lack of use. Remove the fear of the child, primarily by changing their behaviour. Remove the burden of the press of requirements with the fragile shoulders of the child, and you will see how he is alive and will be more relaxed and freer, which will only improve his intellectual ability.

The second reason requires completely different tactics. If you see that your daughter instead of you to listen carefully, dreamy stares into the distance, perhaps, her thoughts far away. It may be worth a moment to digress, to mention it casually in the mood to talk about something lyrical in your life. And the little girl will go faster to eat, if you enter into her doll’s life and to play a bit with her and then all together (and dolls too) will go to lunch.

If you saw a protest in their child’s behavior, try to reduce its custody. Trust me, just so the child wouldn’t object to that. He really is no longer any force to respond to all your comments.

Mutual perception is very important in order to gain parental authority. Often moms say they spend with their child all day. They eat Breakfast together, then go for a walk, then on the way home come into the shop. The child and mother live as if in parallel worlds. This Mama genuinely surprised that a child clings to it, and experts say that it lacks attention. But honestly, how much real time you are with him, how long is your mutual experience of perception of the world. Even reading a book the child can think about something else. And believe me, the kid will notice. Just being with him in the mutual experience of perception, you will be able to correct his behavior and to understand the causes of disobedience. It does not need much time, enough hours in the day, but full. And at some point you may wonder the child wants to stay on its own initiative. He received enough attention.

The practice of psychological assistance to children and their parents shows that even very difficult problems of education solvable if it is possible to restore a favorable style of communication in the family. And attentive parent could handle it. The more that the parent’s behavior involuntarily imprinted in the psyche of the child. This occurs very early and usually unconsciously. As an adult, the person plays the parenting style of their parents, without even noticing it. And only depends on us whether our child in adulthood to face the same problems as we. It may be worthwhile to break this vicious circle.

You and Your Success baby!

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